It’s that time again! I haven’t been able to participate in the last few link-ups because I was stressing about finals. And now, I’m back! Hopefully consistently because I don’t cook as much in the summer. For me, summer is all about grazing and nibbling and smoothie-drinking. Nothing that would cause too much heat in the kitchen because we don’t have AC!

As always, thanks for hosting, Jenn!


DSCN4433 This was my attempt at pad thai because I was having serious cravings. Unfortunately, it goes on the list of junk/carry-out foods that I CANNOT make. Wah wah. It wasn’t too bad though… it just wasn’t the same as the local restaurant’s tofu pad thai. Drool.

DSCN4438 It’s summer so you know what that means! Sandwich-salad-grill season! I find it completely bizarre how once summer comes, most cravings just disappear! In the winter, sure, that extra bulk can keep you warm. You know, the feeling like a child is sleeping on your stomach that you get when you eat right before bed? Anyone? … Bueller?

But in the summer, it’s goddamn hot! No one likes being hot ON TOP of being stuffed.


Mm, casual beers. Come to me.

I know I whined a whole lot about my apartment earlier this year. I want to take all of that back. Right now. Because we live in the basement apartment, even in a house that doesn’t have AC, WE HAVE AC. It’s at least 10 degrees cooler in our apartment than it is outside.

I’m laughing at all my friends who live above-ground. It pays off to be a mole.

Watch me be completely wrong. “Psych! Joke’s on you! You’ve actually been sucking up so much electricity your grandchildren’s grandpets will be in debt!”

Side note: my journey as a Yes Woman is going fantastically. Stick around for some updates.


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  • http://www.Kid-FreeLiving.com Amy Vansant

    You are a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. First off, that picture at the top of the blog looks like a heart, and/or a Georgia O’Keefe painting (if you know what I’m saying…) and it’s on the pages of Othello? Whaaa? And then you have all this lovely food and I think this is one of those healthy eating blogs and the BAM! Pabst Blue Ribbon! Curiouser and curiouser…

  • http://kadee-cat.blogspot.com/ Kadee-Cat

    That sandwich looks perfect! Yum!

    • Michelle

      Thanks! It was pretty delicious :)