WIAW: First Time

I’m jumping in on What I Ate Wednesdays—even though what I’m going to show doesn’t really correspond to any kind of theme… whatsoever. Oh, except maybe the Overeating Theme. I’m good at that one.

Despite the very prominent title… there is very little actual green in my food. But there are veggies, I promise. These are a few meals I had over the week. You’re going to see recipes for the curry soon, but why not post the pics as a little teaser?

I swear, there are veggies in there!

Thanks, Jenn, for hosting!

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  • http://www.blog.theregularguynyc.com Phil Holtberg

    Looks delicious to me! Just because there is nothing green there doesn’t mean there’s no veggies!

    • Michelle

      Exactly. Love veggies, just don’t like seeing them.