Makes sense, right?

I’m a procrastinator. With everything I do. There’s almost no point in planning anything out for me because it won’t matter until it reaches emergency status.

That being said, the other day, I realized (pending visa shit to go through that I also procrastinated on) that I will be IN FRANCE in less than 2 months.

Have I been studying French for my French language program? No.

Is there a placement exam on the first day that may make or break my acceptance into the program? Yes.

So, naturally, my first thought is to go online and try to see if I’m at the proficient level. Took about 2 somewhat janky tests online that deemed me B2 and C1 level. I need a B1 level to get into my program, both of which I scored above (of course this is a legit way to test my knowledge).

But just in case I’m not there yet, I told myself that watching French movies on Netflix is basically the same thing as relearning 4 college semesters of French that I took Freshman year (after placing out of 2).

Makes sense, right?

I didn’t anticipate for French movies to be so… addicting though. And now I can’t stop. But hey, I’m making good educational use out of Netflix, right? If I’m watching… foreign… movies?

Gettin’ that culture.

So far, I’ve watched…


Le Magasin des Suicidés. If you think “suicidés” is a false cognitive, you’re wrong. The title literally means “Suicide Shop.” It’s a musical animated movie about a dreadful alternate reality (I hope?) where everyone hates life and wants to off themselves.

So, during this dark time of despair, what better field to go into than operating a Suicide Shop? It has literally anything you need to kill yourself.

It was kinda Tim Burton-esque, if more gruesome ideas were allowed to air in the US.


Romantics Anonymous was a small delight.

There wasn’t that much in plot but it was rife with the awkward squeaks and silences of real life.

Basically, two people with the most crippling social anxiety are trying to navigate dating each other.

And finally, I watched Heartbreaker. It reminded me a lot of another movie (how about every single rom com, Michelle?) but it was cute and funny.



I can’t really say whether I’m learning French… but I’m becoming a huge fan of their movie industry!

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  • Karisa Tells All

    I used to watch American movies dubbed in French all the time to brush up on my skills. Not quite the same, but still fun! My favorite was Clueless since I pretty much had all the dialogue memorized. Have you seen 8 Femmes? That was a great French movie.

    • Michelle

      Haha I’M DOING THAT RIGHT NOW. Currently on a Lord of the Rings kick… but the only thing that’s happening is that I’m getting really good at reading lips for English. At least I’m learning something…? I haven’t seen 8 Femmes, but I’m going to check it out now! Thanks ;)

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