Throwback: Swiss Alps


I just remembered that I never really wrote about my trip to Europe last summer. Only a few posts here and there. And then I came across Ashley’s throwback post and decided to start a series leading up to my departure to France.


The alps has a special place in my heart. During the 3 weeks abroad in which we also visited Paris, Venice, Rome, Bruegges, and Belgium, this was by far my favorite place. Look at these photos. They all look photoshopped and surreal. And I’m an amateur photographer. The place is just that beautiful. 


Can you blame me?

We came here after Venice and Rome. I loved Venice because it’s such a romantic city. Traveling by water, walking everywhere—that’s the stuff. But in Rome, I wasn’t all that impressed. Even though I love exploring different cultures and places, I realized that I was a nature girl. The sheer beauty of the environment in the alps, the pace of life there, and the simple pleasures were just the things for me.


My brother cooling off from our hike down the mountain. I wouldn’t mind seeing this view for the rest of my life..





There was this one cave exploration place in the nearby city that we went to. A couchsurfer I met on the train ride to the city we were staying in recommended this to us. And it did not disappoint. I’m not sure where it was, but it was basically sights of 9 waterfalls. Look at that.

Sigh, you will always be in my dreams, alps. Until we meet again..

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  • laurenonlocation

    I’m going to the Alps in a few weeks and I’m so excited! I wasn’t that impressed by Rome either .. It honestly was too much for me. A bit overwhelming. I’m so much more impressed by nature! Especially COWS. Thanks for sharing :D

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      Thanks for reading! And leaving all these sweet comments :) I hope you have a rockin’ time in the Alps, but knowing them, I know you will! (Think about the COWS)