Snowboard Festival

When we found out that there was going to be a snowboard festival this weekend, we quickly left all our other obligations in the dust. It was at the huge Sports Dome and free for those who arrived before 10 PM. Two words solidified this deal for us: festival and free. My friend, Lisa, unaware that she had already uttered the two Magic Words, kept selling it. And that’s how we found out that, in addition to film and music, there was going to be a bar.

Like the other festival that I’ve attended in Grenoble, this one was bizarre. Props to them for actually sticking to a theme this time, however. The best way to describe the layout was a stadium within a stadium: the seats were still there but on the floor were these tents, a stage, and a screen that encircled the middle, which housed some tables and a skateboard half pipe. It was bizarre in the fact that no one really knew why they were there. And part of the reason may have been because there were a lot of drunk people.

I figured that the other attendees didn’t have as informative friends as Lisa because they were all arriving tipsy. However, when we checked out the snack bar, we realized that they just had more frugal friends; a 50ml beer was about 5€. To be honest, I was more tempted by the 5€ hot dogs the stand over. HOT DOGS! I haven’t had hot dogs in MONTHS.

We made a whole two laps around the arena before spotting a huge orange thing:

IMG_1362  It was one of those children’s air things, but for adults! As you can see, you climb up to the top and jump about 5 meters into this balloon. Anna was very gung-ho about it. Me, not so much. I mean, how am I supposed to be sure that I could even climb to the top? Have you seen the food I’ve been eating lately? But we decided to go for it. Having not seen anyone in line with tickets or stamps or everything, we jumped gleefully in line… and then this drunk man kindly informed us that we had to sign up in the tent.

While the burly man behind the desk explained what we had to do to jump off a tall thing (give contact information for this snowboard company for email deals), I learned that Anna is willing to pay, sneak, do whatever to get this experience. What she wasn’t willing to do was give out personal information, which is a first for me. Everyone I know back in the states is willing to all but sign away their social security number to Ben & Jerry’s for a free scoop of ice cream. But then I thought it over too and I didn’t want to receive emails for 50% off skiing lessons in Grenoble for the next 5 years.

IMG_1369 IMG_1372 IMG_1373-2

Together we wandered aimlessly like a pair of lost baby geese. When were the film and music things starting? Our ADD minds were about to combust in the inane nothingness when people started setting up the stage.

It started raining so we made our way up to the seats where we were treated with this film (unsure if it could even be called a movie/film) that was basically a montage of sick snowboard feats of this one little group.

Props to them for having found and made use of their passion.

IMG_1375 IMG_1377 Seeing as no band was going to start anytime soon and how our appendages were all turning this weird black color, we decided to call it quits and head home. Hey, we tried. I later heard from my Danish friend, Ida, that it the concert and after-party were the sickest things ever.

This would happen to me.


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  • Stephanie

    Haha you are so right, I’ll sign up for anything for free shit! It looks cool at least, but yes a little bizarre. Gotta love it.

    • Michelle

      Haha i know. All these festivals confuse me so much…

  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Argh! I would have given a fake email addy just to jump off that amazing looking…castle thing?

    Looks like a blast though!

    • Michelle

      Hahaha, I know. We clearly weren’t thinking very well that night.