Basically Best Friends with Stromae

Based on my Instagram, a blind man could tell that I saw Stromae a few weekends ago and lost my shit. I lost it so hard that I questioned whether I ever had shit to begin with. I’m not even going to bother with telling you who Stromae is because if you don’t know, well, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Let me just preface this by saying I am not into celebrities. I could couldn’t care less who’s dating who and what they’ve done to their face recently. So the fact that I booked a flight to Denver from Austin 2 weeks before the concert date (and considered road tripping if the flight cost too much), stood in line for 2 hours, forced my tiny bladder to comply so I could keep my front-row spot for another hour, and waited 1 final hour to see him after the show was pretty much the biggest personality leap you could make.

Gothic Theatre Englewood CO STROMAE

We got there around 6:00, 2 hours before the doors were supposed to open, 3 hours before Stromae was supposed to come on stage. If it had been any other concert, someone more well known throughout the US, we would’ve known more how to plan this. But this was STROMAE. How popular was he in the states? How crazy would the fans be? Certainly not as crazy as us, right?

Apparently, 6:00 wasn’t early enough because there were already 10 people in front of us. Not only that, but the first people in line was a FAMILY that seemed completely made up of 12 year old girls.

We were confused. Even more so when a gaggle of 40 year olds walked by with no trailing group of kiddies in sight. What exactly were we in for? With all the scenarios we had considered, we never thought to figure out what the demographic would be.

But as an 80-year-old walked up to the 14-year-olds in line in front of us, which is a weird sentence to type in itself, we realized what was going on here. There was an International School in Denver and the French teacher had spread the word of Stromae. Goddamn French teacher.



“Shoutout to those girls in the front right there! They have NOT stopped dancing since they got here!” – the opening act. I think it’s safe to say we were pretty excited and it showed. Also because our faces were permanently stuck like this:


I surprised myself with the most throat-tearing scream when Stromae stepped on the stage. Was I being possessed by a One Direction fan who thought they were about to see 1D? Is this what being a fan felt like because I didn’t enjoy feeling like I was going to vomit all over the stage, only a FOOT away from the rail that was supporting my limp body.

We were so excited that as soon as his band came out and subsequently laid eyes on us, they started cracking up. I’m pretty sure they were all like “WHAT THE HELL IS IN THE FRONT ROW. They can’t be human.”

From the start of his show to his very last song, I gave my best in dance moves and jumps extraordinaire. I continued in the same way for the next hour and 40 minutes, the length of his show. This would explain why I felt so exhausted AND got sick in the week following this concert. But because of the diversity of this crowd, we were basically the only ones hype the whole way through.

You know how when you’re in the front row, you basically commit to being slammed against that gate for the entirety of the concert. We, however, had plenty of space between us and the second row… I think they were scared of our intensity. I know the mom standing next to my friend was really peeved but what do you expect, lady? You’re in the front row.

I almost wish that I brought in my DSLR to the concert because I had SUCH a good view. But before the start of the concert, one of his lackeys came up to everyone and told us what was or was not allowed. My iPhone was fine, but my GoPro was not.

IMG_3811 IMG_3791 IMG_3752 IMG_3728 IMG_3684


The members of his instrumental band aren’t that bad looking either, if I do say so myself.

Not only is Stromae the type of celebrity that I love—you know, the ones that came up from nothing and still are unused to the fame… but not to the extent that LCD Soundsystem pulled and quit the business altogether. After performing his first song, Ta Fête (killed it), he looked taken aback at the amount of people who were singing along.

Stromae gives one hell of a show. It’s hard to describe how magical it felt to be there. He creates this type of connection with the audience members that’s hard to forget after you’ve experienced it. You can see that he puts all of himself in each performance and has fun doing it. He also gives homage to the fans that he knows are super into his music. This woman that was following his US tour told us that it’s the first time he made so much eye contact with certain people (us). AND that no matter what, he always makes an effort to meet the fans afterwards, at least those that are obsessed enough to stay up to two hours after the concert. Don’t believe what the security people say, he will come out to meet you.

IMG_3852 IMG_3859

I’d like to say I kept my cool… but that definitely didn’t happen. I kept trying to speak French to him, even though it was basically established that he spoke better English than I spoke French. But I couldn’t even compliment him on what a phenomenal job he did. All I could stutter out is “CAN I GET TWO PICTURES? LIKE THIS.” And I made this pose shown above. And he was like… “oohkay…”

He did try to make small talk with me. He said: “Hey, weren’t you in the front row?” And I couldn’t even answer. And I kick myself because… guys. We would’ve been besties if only I got my shit together. He would’ve invited me on the rest of his tour and then flown me to Belgium to hang out with him all the time. And I ruined it. I RUIN EVERYTHING.

“WHAT JUST HAPPENED. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT I SAID TO HIM. WHAT?” My friend said after she got her photo taken. She then collapsed and laid on the ground for a while. I’m not sure, because this was all a bit hazy to me too. I hurried to Instagram everything.

Afterwards, my photo was re-instagrammed all over Instagram and that was my 10 minutes of internet fame.

PS Stromae, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I seemed so starstruck. If you give me a chance, I know we’d be besties and have no shame together. Also I’m sorry if you thought I was going to touch you every time you got too close to my raised arms in the front row. I was just really excited.

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  • Camila

    haha oh my gosh that is the most enthused I’ve ever seen someone discuss a concert, probably ever! Stromae is huge in Quebec – where I’m from – and he did concerts in the biggest places and it was booked and apparently people danced so SO much the entire time and sang along! My parents love him – so do all my friends and their friends. Friends of the family even went to see him and were just super impressed at how intense his concert was! He does look like a very chilled guy – I think he’s going on hiatus soon because of all the hype.

    • Mishfish13

      Hey Camila! Sounds like the concerts in Quebec would’ve been a hell of a lot more fun! He actually broke his foot in one of his concerts but had to keep dancing hahaha… Yeah… it’s safe to say that I was feeling a bit of the post-concert blues! And he’s a super amazing performer but I have read some interviews where he talks about his plans of going into hiding because of his dislike for the fame.

  • Melanie Fontaine

    Love this post, Mish! Almost feels like I was with you there! :) But wow, that certainly seems like a diverse crowd – 80-year-olds at a Stromae Concert? Don’t think I’ve ever heard of that! ;)

    • Mishfish13

      Thanks :) Hahaha I know! Also YOU STILL NEED TO EMAIL ME YOUR BUTTON!! I checked the email we sent a while ago and there’s no attachment :(

  • Polly

    AHH I am SO JEALOUS. Love him!

    • Mishfish13

      Hahaha he’s headed back to Europe so hop on that train!

  • Iam Clapclap

    How did I only just find your blog? This is great, brings back lots of memories of that amazing show. I hope to see you in Seattle!

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      Hi!! Are you going to be there too?!?!?! I’m still thinking about how to swing it, since it was insane of us to do it the first time ;)

      • Iam Clapclap

        I’ll be there (all of the announced ones, at least). Let me know if you’re going to any of them, maybe we can meet up/share hotel room/whatevs…

        • Michelle @ Mishfish13

          Yay!! And definitely! Although I have some friends in that area, so I would probably be crashing with them if I do end up going. But we would definitely need to meet up for sure!

          PS thanks for sharing my blog on your tumblr :) Also got super nostalgic going on there haha.

  • Iam Clapclap

    Wait, did I say Seattle? I meant Portland. Although it’d be great to see you in Seattle, too!

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      I’ve always wanted to visit Portland too….