Madrid Day 1: Reina Sofia and the start of the end of my diet

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Ah, Madrid. Although you were no Barcelona, you are a pretty special city mostly because of how chill you were.

It might be because I’m getting used to European cities, but Madrid was a lot easier to navigate than the confused haze that was Barcelona. Not only was the map the hostel gave us much easier to handle, but every sight we wanted to see was accessible on foot.

Reina sofia sign madrid IMG_3432 IMG_3435 We first visited the Reina Sofia museum, known most for Picasso’s Guernica. Originally, we headed there immediately after checking in a picking up a few things to munch on, but after finding out that it was free from 19h-21h, we decided to do a little shopping first in the shopping district accessible by Metro stop Serrano.

After about two hours within the museum, we both came to the consensus that museums are tiring and we would rather be drinking sangria than to culture ourselves. Having completely no plan for where we were going to eat, not even the general vicinity, we headed towards Puerta del Sol. One of her friends told her that we would be able to find restaurants lining that plaza.

However, a cluster of restaurants just don’t exist, especially when you’re two hungry students on a budget. So at the apex of a few restaurants, right on Calle del Carmen, we chose to enter Cafeteria Armenia, which had the dishes we wanted at an affordable price. Although the outside of the restaurant looked more like you were looking into a school cafeteria, the food is delicious. 

IMG_3461 IMG_3467

This liter of sangria was only 8€ ! Comparable to the Sangria in Barcelona, which cost 16€.


According to her Spanish friends, the must-haves were Croquetas de Jamón, a kind of gooey hushpuppy with bits of ham in the middle… 

jamon croquetas

and Patatas Alioli, a baked potato dish covered in heavy garlic cream …

patates ali oli IMG_3479 IMG_3481

While we ate, we planned our trajectory for the next day, which included Museo Nacional del Prado, Parque de el Retire (Palacio de Cristal, Monumento Alfonso XII, Palacio de Velázquez), Plaza de la Independencia, and Casa de América. IMG_3483 Calamares.

More on Madrid:
Planning | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Video

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  • Dannielle @ Chicadeedee

    I love croquettes! I get them whenever I see them on a menu. Sometimes the worst looking restaurants have some great food.

    • Mishfish13

      I wish we ordered more now, to be honest. I could have an entire meal of just croquettes! Agreed, the shadiest people with the most amount of locals is usually a gem :)

  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    You are so damn cultured :p No seriously, all these museums you do and cultural sights… I’m impressed!

    ….Are you even doing any study in Grenoble? :P

    • Mishfish13

      Hahaha, thanks. If you asked my friends that question, they would laugh in your face.