Lake Day Gone Bad… Then Good.

This happened a while ago, but I was too lazy to get the photos from a friend. So, photos © my friend, Sammy.

It was middle of September, right before the fall equinox, the last weekend before it would be too chilly to go to a lake. So, the girls and French boyfriend’s friends and roommates packed some food and drove up into the mountains.


Of course, once we got there, we realized it was actually far too cold to stay for long, let alone tan in the bikinis we’d all worn underneath. We were bummed… but that didn’t stop us from fooling around.

528268_529009933855819_1757313412_n 1383160_529009943855818_395709133_n 1383774_529010033855809_1698602175_n 1377430_529010057189140_1109542677_n

After a while, we couldn’t take it anymore and started playing some games to warm ourselves up.

960152_529010110522468_1882088805_n That worked… until we all decided to leave and explore the castle nearby instead!


The castle was actually a castle-turned-museum, the Museum of the French Revolution. No lie, the castle and its grounds were SO beautiful that we saw AT LEAST four weddings that day.



Unsurprisingly, this was a very popular place for wedding couple shots. So we snagged the limelight before another couple came and kicked us out.

1378269_529010653855747_1379140447_n 599379_529010683855744_2031304829_n 1377507_529010977189048_1561130646_n 1384128_529007637189382_1461421391_n

After walking around for a while and having lovely chats with the girls in French, we learned that the museum was free! Well, we would never turn down a free opportunity, even if we hadn’t been that interested in the museum to begin with!

But it led us to a ledge that provided some beautiful photography…

994625_529008110522668_348995157_n 1378760_529008087189337_615204987_n 1376478_529011127189033_304830034_n And there were actually some pretty cool things within the museum!

544099_529011373855675_1513671836_n Like us.

We were all starving afterwards. Thankfully, there was a stand right outside the castle grounds that sold waffles, crepes, and ice cream! I got a vanilla and chocolate cone that was so completely worth it.

Nothing like the one I had recently at Haagen Daaz though: Banana Chocolate Brownie ice cream on top of a waffle. It was one of those waffles that had granulated sugar in it… the kind that comes prepackaged? The shop at Place Grenette warmed the waffle up for us and when the ice cream started melting into it… YUM. 

ice cream on waffle

It was a bit expensive, though, and not for those looking for a casual cone (6,50 €). That you can get on any street corner! This was a gourmet experience that I didn’t regret at all.

So… why don’t we have flavors like this back in the States… ?

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  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    That castle looks amazing! How can you concentrate studying when you love in such an amazing city!?

    • Michelle

      Ha… ha… thanks mom :p
      Actually, that’s a very valid question… that I have to deal with soon.