It’s so pretty here

Had a nice lazy day of exploring today. Since it was a Saturday, I thought, why not explore the school when no one’s there? Great for photo ops and taking your time.

The view across from Univeresité Stendhal-Grenoble 3
The view across from Univeresité Stendhal-Grenoble 3
The main campus tram stop
The main campus tram stop

Cute little shops line the main campus tram stop. And by shops, I mean very practical things like a TABAC, un café, a sandwich shop, insurance store, bank, etc.

For some reason, I decided to wear jeans today. Opened the weather app on my phone, saw it was 71 degrees (74 high) and decided it was perfect jean weather DESPITE my history of having been drenched in sweaty easily at a balmy 65.

Rocked the soggy look today.

saw this flyer and was a little upset I didn’t arrive earlier

I’ve been getting into the habit of walking along the tram lines. It’s like exploring on a leash. Whenever I stray too far from the tram lines, I get a little worried. But whatever. The tram lines go basically everywhere I need to go. So far anything interesting hasn’t been too far from a tram stop. And I would really like not to get lost, IRL. Getting lost, romantically, I can do. I’m good at doing the meandering walk. Getting lost for real is still a little scary.

Some more photos of campus…


Here’s what I found while exploring. I think this is the equivalent of a quad or a Diag (UM). This is going to look so pretty in the winter!

There are giant hills blocked off by stone steps so that the whole thing won’t collapse I think. Definitely somewhere to chill during lunch hour or any time relaxing. Before it gets cold of course.


On one of the steps.

After I finished exploring the campus, (Er, main parts of the campus because it looks far too big to actually explore thoroughly in one day), I headed to what I thought was the downtown area. And instead found some parks, which I forgot to take a picture of.

Also I found more free public toilets! YAY! It seems I can get back on hydration track soon with all these gems.

Outskirts of the Centre Ville (downtown)
Can't get enough of La Bastille
Can’t get enough of La Bastille

I also stumbled into what looked like a Saturday market!

IMG_0450 I didn’t know the rules on photographs, but I took one anyways. Thankfully no one thought anything of it!

If you think this is a normal Saturday morning market, think again. These things look like antiques that people pulled out of their basement to sell. I saw too many creepy Annabelle dolls (from The Conjuring) with bent necks.

There aren’t any photos because I didn’t want to be haunted. I feel scared enough posting that pic here.

Following the signs towards the Centre Ville, I realized that this was where I’d been yesterday! I’m glad I was able to return because I became more familiar with the cool downtown area and it was bumpin’ today. There were a few shops closed because it was Saturday, but things were generally open.

The outside seating for all the cafés were all full—almost no one was sitting alone with the exception of the elderly, of course. Even the outdoor seating for McDonalds was full! Which they treat the same as a normal café as far as I saw.


I ran across the same two groups today. Every time I saw them, they were chanting. It was like a group bonding or orientation session. At one point they were bathing in this fountain. Well the guys were, anyways. Wonder what that was all about?

Anyways, teasers about what I’ve been exploring recently…

lonely violin player IMG_06382 IMG_0665-2 IMG_0607

Have a marvelous Monday! 

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  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Looks beautiful! So fortunate for you to be studying there!

    • Michelle

      Thank you :)