Grenoble does Moroccan

Moroccan restaurants are not rare in Grenoble. In fact, while looking for ethnic restaurants to take our birthday girl, many popped up. We chose to eat at Restaurant le Marrakech, a small, vividly-decorated restaurant in between the two tram stops Chavant and Mournier on line A.


The decorations added so much to the dim atmosphere, creating this muted intimacy throughout the restaurant. It also looks like the prime demographic of customers at this restaurant is old people. After getting the food, this made sense because it was basically stew. Delicious, warm, happy-feeling stew with a side of meat of whatever you wanted.

IMG_1297 We all started off with un café because of our late-night discotheque celebrations the night before.

Moroccan food


Moroccan food

The normal just-veggie stew with very fine couscous.


Some sort of kebab.


IMG_1300 Lamb tagine. Came so scalding hot that I was sweating by the third mouthful. Not that the heat could’ve slowed me down.

IMG_1301 IMG_1308 We ended with a lovely pot of thé menthe. It was sweetened perfectly and finished off our meal.

Even though this restaurant is a little pricier as poor students (entrees in the 12-15€ range, plat du jour on weekdays for 9-12€), it was well worth the cost for celebrating our friend’s birthday and for a foray into my first Moroccan meal.

The only downside I experienced was that I was only able to finish half of my tagine, and since it’s not normal for people to doggy-bag food in France, I mourned the lost of my new discovery.

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  • Davida @ The Healthy Maven

    I currently want to eat my screen looking at all that delicious food! Especially the lamb tagine! I had some fantastic moroccan food when I was living in France. Now I can’t get good Moroccan food or french food! Time to consider moving again…

    • Michelle

      Haha, I’m sorry if my photos caused you any physical harm :p thanks! The lamb was so so tender… ugh. So good!
      When were you in France?!

  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Moroccan food is so similar to Persian food- I grew up eating tagines and stews all the time- You MUST always order the lamb- middle Eastern countries do it so well ;)

    • Michelle

      They do! I can never go back now…