First day as part of France’s café culture

After exhausting ourselves at the testing center, two American girls and I dragged ourselves to the Centre Ville for lunch. We’ve all passed the people sitting and enjoying themselves in the outdoor seating areas for cafés and we wanted to be a part of it!

some photos taken during the search...
some photos taken during the search…

Man those prices though… for a simple entrée, it would be upwards of 10€! No thank you. I did see many cafés that offered lunch specials at prices around 8€, but still, no go. We’re poor students and we didn’t want to break bank every time we pretended to be French!

tried to be all fancy with the focus and perspective but I failed epically.

We wandered around, through every alley, for an hour before we gave up.

So, one of the American girls texted her boyfriend, who’s a Grenoble local, and asked for recommendations. He showed us this cozy little joint (not pictured) that offered sandwiches for 3,80€ and a small glass of wine for 1,50€!

Look at all those fresh veggies!
Look at all those fresh veggies!

Seriously this baby meant business. Thankfully I was starving even though I ate a similar, less fresh version of this in bagel form for breakfast. Whatever you’re doing to my metabolism, France, keep doing it.

And, like the French do, we stayed, ate slowly, and chatted for about 2 hours.

Afterwards, we all got some gelato. Pistachio, my favorite. Whoever said that they have small portions here lied. The cone was filled all the way to the bottom, making my one scoop more like 2. After the gelato and the sandwich, it’s safe to say that I was thoroughly satisfied :3

yummmm… am I wearing a potato sack… ?

And then we went to revisit the street running under the Bastille while Hallmate American ran some errands. And this time I was prepared with my camera. Bahaha.


Today was the most beautiful day we’ve had since I arrived. Really wanted to go to La Bastille with this weather, but we already planned for it another day (with a shit ton of wine, cheese, and baguettes).


With every passing day, this city gets more and more beautiful, harder to leave behind, and closer to my heart.

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  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    their prices….crazy. But when you find hidden gems – c’est magnifique. When I was there, some days I’d literally live off baguettes. So damn good!

    • Michelle

      Same. I can’t get enough of it! I’m worried that I’m not eating very healthy though because of all the carbs and cheese I’ve only been eating…