4th of July Weekend Snapshots

To celebrate this 4th of July, I went camping with my old college roommate in Grand Haven, Michigan. Both of us love camping and, since summer started, neither of us had gone camping yet. So, cue camping trip.

If you’re a Michigander, you know of Grand Haven as one of the best beach towns in the state. It’s a quaint town on the coast of Lake Michigan, located on the central west side of the mitten. But I’ll be honest, we spent most of the weekend exploring the areas around Grand Haven rather than the town itself.


We went on a little day trip to Grand Rapids, the metropolitan area. Let me tell you, this place is fancy. Like, this is what their farmer’s market looked like:
Since we were in Michigan, I had to pick up some Michigan cherries. Cherries are one of those things that I can eat every meal every day for the rest of my life. I bought 2 quarts and ate the first quart, yes quart, the first day. It took everything I had not to finish the quart I wanted to bring home. Frustratingly, I tried to drop by another grocery store before leaving the state. You’d think they’d have Michigan cherries covering the walls, but no. Those cherries were imported from California. What?


Then we headed to Founders Brewing Company to miss a group brewery tour, settling on a flight of beers instead. The food here is phenomenal. If you ever find yourself in town, do me a favor and order their bruschetta, which is basically a whole baguette sliced up and toasted in butter, accompanied with farm-to-table fresh tomatoes smothered in cheese. 

We’d plan to grab some ribs and sausages from a nearby farm before heading back to camp and grilling, like the bros we are, but it was closed. Instead, we headed to a stand-up paddle board rental shop, which was also closed. Finally, we settled for some corn dogs from this famous corn dog stand, which we didn’t have cash for. It was all planned very well and fun was had by all… 

Instead, we walked down to the lighthouse carrying a ton of stuff we didn’t need, ate from the food court, and had delicious ice cream.

We then settled in for a sunset musical fountain show, boasted to be the world’s largest musical fountain. I’m not quite sure about that, but figured we might as well since we were already there. Because none of our plans worked out, we arrived 2 full hours before the start of the show. I took this as an opportunity to get more acquainted with the Magic Hour.

Go easy on me, it was my first time, ok? I may need to re-edit some of them. My screen brightness wasn’t turned up all the way…

The musical fountain was completely underwhelming. It was just jets of water set to music, which is what all fountains are, I guess. But it was noticeable with this one.

I think my favorite experience this 4th was watching a double feature at the local drive-in movie theater in Muskegon, Michigan. Unlike any I’ve ever been to before, this one was a huge gravel lot surrounded by FOUR screens. Once the first feature was done, you were free to either leave or head to another movie even if it was showing on another screen.

We decided on Legend of Tarzan and Finding Dory, which were both pretty good.

It was the best way to end a weekend… other than yet another traffic jammed drive back home on Monday.

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  • http://www.crumbsinthebed.com/ Kerri

    Ah man, outdoor cinemas look like so much fun! I’m pretty jelly about that.

    OK, since I don’t know how much a quart weighs, I Googled it, and you ate almost a kilo of cherries? No judgement, I ate 8 bananas this morning, and I just got a 500g box of cherries out of my fridge. I just wanted to appreciate the right amount of cherry goodness!

    • http://mishfish13.com/ Michelle @ Mishfish13

      I love them so much! It combines the best parts of going to the theaters (the movie part) but takes away the public-ness (other people and them judging you if you bring in a whole Thai entree) hahaha.

      NICE. Bananas AND cherries? I enjoy and respect the amount of cherries you’re about to have ;)