Coupe Icare: Festival of Flying Things… ?

Last weekend, I went with a Danish friend to Coupe Icare. Coupe Icare is basically a 4-day festival of any flying thing ever. If it can fly, it’s in this festival.

Thanks to the festival organizers and the public transport of the Isère region, we were able to take a 2€ round-trip bus directly to the site of the festival. I was surprised how many locals were with us on the bus. Usually these things would be a tourist trap in my hometown.

Coupe Icare 6
Line for the bus
Coupe Icare 3
this shit was real.

Coupe Icare 4

This should be me. I need to do this. Sans costume.

I think there was a costume competition for parachuters. There was a paraglider dressed as superman. Sadly, I have no proof of this statement so you’ll have to take my word on that. Coupe Icare 5

How do French people wear jeans in 80 degree weather?

We saw parachuters, paragliders, remote-controlled airplanes, helicopters, hang gliders, hot air balloons, etc.

Coupe Icare Coupe Icare 2

I did take a shit ton of photos but you can only show so many of small flying things in the distance sans good lens before people get sick of it.

Like any festival, it was brimming with food stands.

IMG_0865 IMG_0866



Despite what I thought was a flying theme of the festival, there seemed to be a group of people that missed the message….



Ok. Maybe if it was Shrek and the dragon, I would get it a little more…


This I was completely lost on. And the guy manning the Huge Arabic-looking doll was the whitest person I’ve ever seen.



In addition to trying to get a little something with his… ostrich?


Again, no idea.

We had this idea, though, that during the times when nothing was flying in the sky, the festival came up with wacky costumes and ideas to distract the attenders.

After about 3 hours and chasing what looked like a panoramic tram up the mountain, we decided it was time to go.

One thing we noticed after taking a step away from the festivities was that we were EXHAUSTED. We realized that the entire time we were there, they’d been playing the most epic pump-up music ever. It was a little drama-queeny of them.

IMG_0847-22 Overall, a successful day… even though it left me too drained to go to class the following Monday. A sign that I’ve been spending weekends well here? I think so.

Also, if all things go well, this should be the weekend that we’re heading to OKTOBERFEST. Party with the Germanssss.

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  • Stephanie

    Festival of flying things. Fantastic. What a hilarious thing to make a festival out of, I kind of love it!

    • Michelle

      I know! I’ve never heard anything like this, so of course I had to go!

  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    That looks like mad fun- 2 Euro round trip? Bargain! You are finding the most unique non typical French things to do- and I love it!

    • Michelle

      Aw, thanks! That means so much to me :)