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I’m a little late for Weekend Shenanigans, but this weekend is too good not to post late on! A few friends and I went to Chicago for the weekend. We stayed at my parents’ house in the suburbs. The weather was beautiful for the entire time. So many bucket list items were crossed off this weekend :)

Our view during the 4 hour drive

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.14.12 PM

As you can probably see, we took so many photos—it was a photo gold mine this weekend.

Friday, we explored Chicago (aka I showed them around mah city). We had a breakfast of champions: hotdogs, obviously.

Had some classic, cheesy tourist times at the Bean.

And brought the shenanigans to Navy Pier.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.29.39 PM

We pretended to interview this statue on a talk show.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.29.26 PM

Played with these statue kids.

This random Indian guy came up while we were posing for this shot and tried to take a picture of us too. Um, not acceptable. He lingered for like 5 minutes after we were done taking the picture too.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.29.49 PM

Rode the ferris wheel for the first time in 10 years. I forgot how painfully slow it is. It’s like the uphill climb of a roller coaster—the worst part, by the way. The climb is always worse than the ride itself. And this was like 10 minutes of the climb.

Needless to say, we were kinda terrified.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 3.31.25 PM

But we saw this view, so it was ok:

And then, of course, the calories we burned from the terror (none) made us hungry.











We smashed it.

Not pictured: cheesy garlic bread that we also smashed. And my sangria.

When our waiter came by and saw that 4 medium-sized girls finished a large deep dish pizza, his face was FROZEN in shock. “I had 4 hefty guys come in before and only finish HALF of this pizza!” Hey, we like to eat, ok?


We split up by twos. They went to Lollapalooza (which I ended up not being able to afford this year) and we went to Six Flags with the broski.

It was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it. We spent most of our time in line.

I’m sorry for my appearance. PMSing and all the salt got me bloated as fuck. I’m still trying to work it off and it’s not a pleasant process. Of course, bloating isn’t a problem for my brother…

Halfway through the day, while waiting in a 1.5 hour line for Raging Bull, my friend and I hit a big-ass WALL. Suddenly we couldn’t even stand anymore. We hated everyone and looked for anything and everything to lean on.

It was so bad that throughout the whole line, I was asking myself multiple times a minute if I really wanted to ride this ride. “How bad do I want to ride this? I mean, of course it’s the best ride in the park, but… can I even enjoy it at this point…??”

We didn’t really get our shit back together until the moment before the 13-story drop. And then hello adrenalin. 

The funnel cake we ate afterwards certainly helped.  No picture of it because I’m ashamed that I caved.

Needless to say, we all passed out hard when we got back home (after a bubble tea and Portillo’s run. Why, Michelle, why?)

The hardest thing I’ve ever done was to make it through that scary movie we watched. You know how in cartoons, they pin people’s eyes open with a toothpick? I needed that.


After waking up and watching The Wedding Date —(how good is that movie?) during which we created a title for our own personal rom-com: Never a Bridesmaid because none of us are going to get married LOL—we went to a “healthy buffet”: Sweet Tomatoes.

After which, we all made a pact never to eat again.

Sorry, world. You are missing about a ton of food thanks to us.

Anyways, that’s it! What a packed weekend! I’m so exhausted all I want to do is to lay in bed and watch movies. And by watch movies, I mean sleep because I’m so tired.

Side note: I bought my tickets to France. Shit just got real.

Love you all!

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  • Stephanie

    Haha!! These are hilarious photos I love all of them!
    No shame about the pizza, I freaking love it.

    • Michelle

      Haha thanks Steph! I was COMPLETELY confused as to who you were at first because of the name change! Love it :)

      • Stephanie

        Haha! I’m glad you figured out it was me :) And thank you!

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  • Liz Taylor

    Omg! What a fun weekend. Chicago is one of the top 3 cities (besides NYC and LA) that I want to visit! Even more awesome that you could stay at your parents. I love the pictures, esp. that deep dish pizza. wow! yum :)

    • Michelle

      You should definitely make a trip! Chicago is personally my favorite city so far—I need to get my butt to LA. Thanks girl :)

  • Karisa Tells All

    Eating chicago pizza, hot dogs, and portillos all in one weekend is basically my dream. I salute you!

    • Michelle

      Oh, it was definitely worth it… in the moment. Right now, as I’m sitting here in my jeans that are about to explode… not so much!

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  • Pingback: Mishfish13 | Horses, Paradise, New Obsessions, and Chunkiness()