Weekly Wishes #1

weekly wishes #1

It’s a two-post kind of day. And the events of my life on the blog have been lagging behind what’s been happening recently, so I wanted a short way to give you guys some teasers and catch you up to date.

Instead of talking about how I’ve strayed from kept on my goals from last week, I’ll tell you what’s up. The good blogger friends Some of you would know because I’m on Twitter.  Classes officially started. I’ve found some girls. We went to various international/ERASMUS events, one of which was a rager at a club. And over the weekend, we FINALLY forayed into the mountain to check out a museum. Yeah, no wonder I’m behind. So many things to overanalyze ;)

Although things have been doing excellentlyI feel like I’ve gotten over the hump of EVERYTHINGISSONEWANDITSSLAPPINGYOUINTHEFACE to what else is there to explore, I have so much free time on my hands?

Back at UM, I know what I would’ve done with the little free time they rationed us: take a nap, take a moment to zone out by watching endless episodes of a show that I’ve already committed to memory, read 2 pages of a book before inevitably falling asleep.

But here, it’s such a waste to continue what I’ve known of college life thus far. I should be making the most of my time here. I should be outside as much as possible—traveling as much as possible. Wasting money like it’s my job.

So, to keep my from getting sucked into a schedule or a routine, here are my weekly wishes:

1) Push myself to branch out even more and make more international friends. So far I’ve fared well with people I come into contact normally during classes, but where are all the others? Maybe take up the offer from the guy down my hall to practice my French, even when I think he has other intentions and I have no interest. 2) Visit a museum during free time. There are so many museums around here and so much free time. Why not really get to know this city before jetting off to find others? 3) Recenter myself, have a little me-time outside the roomLately, I’ve been spending so much time with my new friends that I’ve forgotten (a bit) how to be by myself and how to enjoy my own company. I have to remember that ultimately, I’m here for me, and the experiences I pursue don’t have to be a group activity by any means.

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  • http://susanneisme.blogspot.nl/ Susanne @ The Musing Blonde

    Oeh, visiting a museum. I would love to do that. Not any museums, read: fun museums, near me. Hope you get the chance to go to one.
    And have a great week!

    • Michelle

      Thanks Susanne :) You too!

  • http://diariesofanessexgirl.com Kate

    Nice wishes! I wish I had visited more museums when I lived in France… le sigh.

    • Michelle

      I know! I never think of visiting museums close by… hopefully I will this time! :)

  • http://www.thebigmansworld.com Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Just go out there and interact- its hard the first few days but after you’ll have a posse! you got much travel planned around europe? Thats a great way to meet others, just proclaim ‘who wants to go to paris/london/etc this weekend ;)

    • Michelle

      Haha, it’s not the problem of having a posse—it’s the problem of having MORE international posses ;) I believe I will start doing that soon… maybe for Oktoberfest, eh? :)

  • http://www.theladyokieblog.com Amanda Bumgarner

    Hey! I’m totally following you on Twitter now. Woo! Good luck with your goals this week!

    • Michelle

      Yay! Following you too :)
      Thanks girl!