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First and foremost, thank you for being here! I know there’s absolutely no reason at all to follow a blog, but I’m happy you’re interested (or bored) enough to read this. I love the blogging world; I love having quality discussions and conversations to really get to know you. Everyone has a story behind them and hearing what these are is AWESOME because I love talking to people in general.

So far, the bloggers I’ve come to know have been extremely kind to me in this aspect. They’ve left long discussion comments under my posts and through these, I feel like we’ve cultivated a cute little community here :) Emails just to chat are always always always welcome! I’m looking forward to getting to know you!


A Bit About the Blog

I started this blog a few months before I headed abroad to Grenoble, France in September 2013 for my dream globetrotter experience. Starting a few months earlier was only logical because I had to get in the habit of posting a few times a week, right?

Well, turns out that habit is damn hard to change because I’m still doing it today! Since coming back, because I travel intermittently now, I’ve also included more personal aspects of myself on the blog—lifestyle, booklists, musing posts. 

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Popular Travel Posts

I’ve traveled to places. I was going to say “a lot,” but there are many other bloggers out there who have been to far more places than I have.

Most of all, I’ve had experiences. I have learned from all the travels I’ve done and now I’m sharing that with you.

To get a sense of my travel style, I went from globetrotting couchsurfer/backpacker who thrived in European cities to grungy outdoorsperson, who loves bonfires and sleeping under the stars. It depends on where I’m traveling to but recently, I’ve taken on a love for great hikes. 

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Popular Lifestyle Posts

This is a fairly new section that I’m trying to grow. Under this category, you’ll find goals, reading lists, funny stories, and musings.  Remember my travel mishaps? Things like that don’t only happen on the road.

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Authentic Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
How Tour Guiding Improved My Travels
Rediscovering Reading
Beginner’s Guide to Watching Cartoons as an Adult
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Happy reading!