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Linking up with Neely for Sunday Social!

1. What is your favorite fall activity? 

It used to be heading back to school and reuniting with friends for pregames and other shenanigans.

A little some of this…

But right now, it’s getting familiar with my new city, Grenoble! I can’t wait to see how the seasons change this place. The colors are pretty much going to blow me away.

2. Do you follow a football team? Which one and why? 

Yes, but I wouldn’t say I keep on top of things. I’m not a big sports watcher but I make it a point to know who won ;) Case in point: Michigan win over Notre Dame last night. HAIL yeah!

If you need more reasons to GOBLUE, take a look at this…

3. What is something fun about fall in your area? 

Sometime mid-September, there’s this 3-DAY festival called Coupe Icare here. I’m still learning about what it is, but there are pictures all over the website like this:

I’m thinking it’s a giant paragliding showcase festival. I’ve been trying to scour their site to see if they have anything like buddy-jumping. So far, no luck.

In mid-November, there’s this Salon du Chocolat, which, as far as I can see, is where you pay to see these chocolatiers work their magic. Uh, this one’s a no brainer.

4. What are you favorite fall staple outfits? 

I usually stick to the leggings, long-shirt, and boots. Comfy, and fashionable.

5. What things are you looking forward to most about this coming fall season?


Exploring Grenoble as a temporary local, meeting locals and other international students, and hopefully improving my French like no other.

salmon quiche
eating… a lot…

6. What is your favorite fall holiday? Tradition?

As a college kid, I have to say Halloween. Any excuse to be weird and go crazy with friends, I’m there.

I don’t know about you, but after so much exploring (more photos to come), I need a quiet day to recharge at home today. But I will miss whipping out the camera when I see something awesome… it’s quickly becoming another appendage!

So far I’ve only stepped out of my room to microwave that delicious quiche. From 12 to now (3PM), I’ve been researching and updating my bucket list. Yikes. Maybe if I cut out sleep…?

I’ve already started to feel the time crunch of making the most of my time in Europe! I just counted and including this weekend, I only have 22 more weekends abroad. If you put it that way… that’s not much time AT ALL. So many places to visit, festivals to go to, restaurants to try, so many things to plan! From now on, planning and reevaluating day will be Sundays. 

What are you doing this Sunday?

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  • lorraine williamson

    hi love the blog found you through sunday social following now I’m lorraine at

    • Michelle

      Hi Lorraine! Glad to have you around :)

  • Sophia

    It looks like you are in a very beautiful place and I hope you have wonderful experiences while you are traveling. Enjoy your fall seasons.


    • Michelle

      Thanks, Sophia! I hope I can do my best :)
      Have a great Sunday!