December Snapshots

I totally wrote down a whole December recap/January goals thing yesterday and then I hit save… and it disappeared. Because I hate redoing things so much, here are just a few snapshots of what happened in December!


… and I got a full-time permanent job.

How was your December?

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  • Anna | slightly astray

    You were all over the place in December – from the tropics to the snowy mountains! And CONGRATS on the job!!! What is it??

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      Yeah. I had to take advantage of having no responsibility! Thanks :) the new job is QUITE different than anything I did last year. It’s basically a marketing position in a consulting firm. Totally new experience, but it means having to confine my travels for a bit.

  • Camila @ AdventitiousViolet

    Wow from snow to the beach, love it! I wish for some gorgeous sun right now! :)
    And congrats on the new job!!xx

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      Thanks Camila :) I’m also wishing for some gorgeous sun right now haha

  • Kerri

    Ahhh, I hate writing something to have it disappear! That’s the worst!

    What a month though! I’m going to try really hard this year to take photos of every day things!

    And this job? Do tell?! What’s the gossip?

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      I know!! It made me so angry that I couldn’t even work on the blog again that night!!

      Same–I’m going to have to get into the mindset of the everyday. Definitely going to be a challenge, but I’m kinda looking forward to being able to work on some long-term goals for once!

      Haha, it’s a marketing job at a consulting company! Applied to it spur of the moment and ended up getting it :) definitely not what I planned but life is always like that, haha!

  • laurenonlocation

    Congrats on the job!!! Can’t wait to hear more about it! And I’m sorry but what the heck? These are all from December? Snow, beaches, motorcycles? Impressive month! :D

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      Thanks, Lauren! Haha I went a little stir-crazy in December, with the huge decision on whether or not to take the job. You can probably tell ;)