Some Engagement Photos

No, not me. I promise you would see mention of a boyfriend before this happens.

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of helping out a friend with her engagement photoshoot. At first, I was overjoyed that I was going to have the chance to expand my portfolio and to receive some much-needed money (this rent life is real, guys). However, as the days leading up to the photo shoot, my palms got sweatier and sweatier. I worried that I wasn’t even going to be able to keep a grip on my camera, much less my cool.

She really didn’t help out with the nerves thing.

Me: be patient, because this will be my first engagement photoshoot!
Her: that’s ok. If these don’t turn out well, we’ll just hire a professional.
Me: … that’s what you want to hear.

At the first site, we were all nervous. The couple was nervous in front of the camera, understandably; who really wants paparazzi following them around while they do couple things? And me, for wondering if my camera and lens were high-grade enough to produce the shots that are of typical quality and layout of an engagement photo shoot.

However, as we moved from site to site, we all loosened up a bit more and remembered that we were friends. I got used to being a voyeur and the sight of them making out (if you give me a photo where they’re just sitting side by side, I won’t know who they are), and they got to play up the exhibitionists in them. The ones we took at the dock of Lady Bird Lake and at a food truck later on that evening turned out to yield some of my absolute favorite shots.

I think these turned out pretty well, although it would’ve been much, MUCH better with something other than my kit lens. I also would’ve followed more of a sequence where I get all the typical engagement shots (close-ups, face-shots, etc) and then moved on to spontaneous ones, which we did the whole time. But after getting paid, I went and put that money right back into my lens fund. So that I can one day do this again… but with photos that I’m even prouder of.


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  • Sammy @ Days Like This

    These are gorgeous!!

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      Thanks Sammy!!

  • Lani

    Lovely. Caputured what it feels like to be young and in love. xxoo

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      You’re so sweet, Lani! :)

  • Isabel

    Wow! So beautiful <3 You nailed it, they say that being nervous actually makes you more alert and it showed! You were right on the spot capturing these beautiful moments!

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      Thanks, Laisa, that really means a lot to me! :)