Falling into Fall

Despite the summer weather that Grenoble has been gifted with, which I’m told is completely unnatural, the foliage definitely knows what the season is supposed to be.

IMG_2145 IMG_2155

We decided to go on a casual hike-turned-epic-mountaineering while the weather was still in our favor.



Foolish me, thinking I could run a bit of the way…


“I’ve made a horrible mistake…” 


That’s right, I climbed all of those 1046 meters. How did I feel? Like I had been using stair-steppers for a straight hour. For a view like this though, I’m not going to complain—even though we’ve all seen views like this again and again.

1379651_539780142778798_584925489_n better


You know, I haven’t told anyone yet but lately, my emotions have been all over the place in a way that makes me WebMD Bipolar Disorder syndromes. And I’m truly grateful that Sammy and Arnaud took time out of their day to bring me hiking. What better way to silence these warring emotions than by isolating yourself in nature’s quiet embrace?


Sometimes, there are moments that I magically stumble upon, a little niche in time not unlike the Room of Requirements that slows down that makes me fully aware of where I am and what I’m doing. It’s times like these where I stop and try drink it all in—the sharp crunch of the leaves beneath my feet, my burning thighs because maybe I shouldn’t have eaten so much for lunch—the moist, earthy smell.

These are the moments that we should remember; these are the moments that we should tuck away into our memory bank so that when we finally stop moving, we have a hoard of treasures that will never fade.


IMG_2208 IMG_2213 IMG_2214




This is like that one time I almost got stampeded by a Buffalo all over again. Remind me to tell you guys the story sometime.

1376525_539781146112031_1891366984_n 529371_539781162778696_738382847_n 1380450_539781219445357_401729934_n That (only) time I felt a connection… 


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  • http://www.thebigmansworld.com Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Hahahahaha a connection to the animal.

    I’m shocked your able to wear shorts and a T in France at this time!

    • Michelle

      I could hardly believe it either! But it’s been super nice… :)