Weekly Recap #4

Welcome back, bloggers! It’s been one hell of a Blogbreak :)

I’m realizing that I really like curating other links. From not being used to saving links to always remembering to “add to reading list” so that I can read something later, I’ve gotten pretty good at this.

In blogging…

Silvia writes about a trip through Iran with an Couchsurfing host, connecting in typical 20-year-old fashion.

I usually dislike the click-bait that Matador Network has been pushing onto their social media lately, but I stumbled onto this one (4 Lies You Tell Yourself While Saving For Travel) on my newsfeed one day, and #4 really resonated with me (post about this later, perhaps):

“One of the worst things serious budget travelers do when they’re saving is that they hole up in their home and don’t do anything while they save. The point of being a traveler in the first place is to have new experiences and to live life, and if life at home is just a waystation between trips abroad, then you’re not doing home right.”

Want to regain that reading habit you lost? Austin Kleon tells it how it is in this reader’s manifesto. He said his inspiration came from Ryan Holiday, whose article is also included here. I’m sure these lists would’ve helped me back on the path… had I not found it myself ;)

Did you, like me, forget what the hell happened in 2014 (other than the extreme highlight reel, of course)? Why not try something like this so when the time comes next year, you’ll know exactly what you have to be thankful for. I’d been trying to brainstorm ideas and came close to something like this, but in a digital form. Extra points for going old school quaint.

An introduction to photography filters… something worth looking into if I want to cut down on post-processing time and improve my overall skill set.


“Law-enforcement resources are now distributed so unevenly, and justice is being administered with such brazen inconsistency, that people everywhere are going to start questioning the basic political authority of law enforcement.” An illuminating article about the legitimacy of the police here in the States.

I was talking to a friend earlier this week and she brought up “Christian Privilege,” something that I’ve never thought about before! And then this article about the same subject popped up on my newsfeed and it was quite an interesting read. Of course, this is solely in regards to the US; I’m unsure of the existence anywhere else.

We’ve all heard that thinking positively is a great way to start change, meet goals, and lead an overall happier life. But, here’s an article that tackles this from the other side: why your positive thinking may be holding you back.

After all the Serial new blew over, we’re left to pick up the remains of our Serial-less life. Well, guess what? We get one final interview with Sarah Koenig on NPR, detailing a full low-down on her process and her emotional response, something that we weren’t able to really get when she was reporting, a whole 3 months.

In real life…

Watched Wild and The Imitation Game. Loved the latter and I highly recommend it!, the former felt more like a Pacific Crest Trail commercial (like those Pure Michigan ones) than a story. If anything, I wholeheartedly recommend The Imitation Game, although I’m quite biased with Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s an amazing actor and did excellently in his recent work. The movie is in the style of an indie unraveling, something that I used to avoid but enjoy a lot nowadays, although it still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat. The ending, though, is heartbreaking.

Oh, I also saw The Interview, which was not that great at all. For a comedy movie, there was not much laughing at all.

And for New Year’s, we took a family vacation to Hilton Head, SC.

Now it’s your turn! What mischief were you up to during Blogbreak?

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  • http://www.californienne.com/ Marianne

    Welcome back! You definitely provide some good links :) I seriously need to read a lot more.. like, real books and not just the internet.

    • http://mishfish13.com/ Michelle @ Mishfish13

      Thanks, Marianne! Hope you had an amazing holiday trip!

      That goes through my head ALL the time. After a whole day of Internet-ing (that’s a word, right?), I think of how many books I could’ve read during that time. And not ruined my eyesight while doing so.