Yes Woman!

Do you guys remember that one Jim Carrey movie, “Yes Man”?

this might jog your memory
this might jog your memory

It’s basically this retarded movie where this dude gets brainwashed into consent for everything, no holds barred. How’s that for one-sentence summaries?


This summer I’m going to be Yes Woman. But within reason.


I’ve been reevaluating myself (I am fully aware I do way too much of this) and I’ve realized that the do-nothing image of myself that I cultivated second semester freshman year has stuck with me. And I completely understand. When a girl who used to go out fairly regularly suddenly drops off the face of the earth especially during the social formative years of college, people notice. And remember.

But ever since I’ve gotten better—second semester sophomore year aka The Semester I Became an English Major—I haven’t really tried to dispel that image of myself. My closest friends know that I go out and have normal social interactions with other college peers. But the second outer ring of my social circle is still in ignorant bliss.

To the point where they don’t usually invite me to anything because they assume that I’m going to refuse. That’s been fine until now because I haven’t needed to lean on them for events to put on my calendar.

But now I’m alone.

So I’ve decided to BREAK THE BARRIER this summer and be down for anything that comes my way. Whether it’s some rando I meet at a party who then invites me to this cool-sounding other party within walking distance, or just a plain chill sesh with the close acquaintances. 

do ALL the things!
do ALL the things!

To hell with uncertainty. To hell with hoping with a burning passion hotter than hell people like me. To hell with awkwardness!

I better make myself pretty cozy in this cloud of awkwardness that will be my summer. Going to parties where I’m at best close-acquaintances with ONE person and having to do the floating circle walk where I stalk the different conversations for one that I can finally STAB into. Most likely looking like this:

they will welcome me with open arms

Stabbing with a conversational fishhook. Because that’s how tightly I’m going to hang on.

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  • Aryn Hill

    Sounds so much like me! I was so shy freshman year and then studied abroad sophomore year and when I got back I realized I only had a handful of friends. Junior year I opened up and now my life is so FUN! I found the best way to get people talking is to just ask questions about them. People love to talk about themselves!

    • Michelle

      Yes! The best you can do is be completely approachable and not judge anyone before really talking to them. A lot of people surprise you!

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