This week = HECTIC

It’s gonna be a doozy, this week. Thankfully, we have Monday off because of Armistice Day and I’m jetting off Thursday for Barcelona! Anyways, before now and then, I will have to…

  • Pack up my entire room and move it slowly and systematically to my friend’s residence, aka my new residence 
  • Make an appointment with my banker to change residence insurance information
  • Meet with banker to do so
  • Print out boarding passes, bus tickets, etc
  • Clean my room with wet wipes, my room which has not been cleaned since I arrived
  • Pack for BARCELONA ! 
  • Plan for BARCELONA ! 
  • Get old room checked out by the residence association the morning of my flight
  • Run to the residence—after the state of the room is verified—and grab my keys for my new room. If there is time, I move everything into my new room
  • Catch the bus to Lyon at noon 
  • Get through security and catch my flight at 15:30… with almost everyone from my program there because we all decided to go to Barcelona this weekend, unintentionally

After I complete all that… I can relax and enjoy Barcelona. Wish me luck…

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  • Shawn

    Wishing you luck! Hope you have a great time in Barcelona and don’t forget to take tons of pictures!!!

    • Mishfish13

      Thanks Shawn! Oh, I hope you’re ready for this soon-to-be photo overload. My eye was definitely attached to the camera 90% of the time.