The one with an obnoxious Halloween photoshoot

Without knowing whether Grenoble does Halloween or not, we decided to dress up anyways… in a way that could still pass as somewhat normal.

And then, as girls usually do, we got carried away with makeup. And a photoshoot was born. I’m sorry for being so obnoxious.


Lion.  IMG_2373






I really wanted to try a legit, white background type photoshoot to see how it went. It turned out surprisingly well !

IMG_2266 IMG_2283

I have to admit, during the photoshoot, I realized one crucial thing: my place is behind camera, not in front of it.

IMG_2292 IMG_2303 IMG_2323 IMG_2325 IMG_2326 IMG_2339

Of course, no photoshoot goes completely smoothly. We were getting ready for Halloween! So we had some fun ;)


IMG_2343 IMG_2352

IMG_2271_2 IMG_2354 IMG_2355_1 IMG_2357 Halloween in Grenoble was actually one of the best nights out we’ve had so far. Most of it was because we really had no clue what to expect and since Halloween isn’t as big a deal here, I thought it would just be a few oddballs here and there that dress up—you know, your typical French night out.

What happened instead was amazing. EVERYONE was dressed up—not half-hearted attempts like I’m used to on a college campus—but FULL OUT. Face paint was the norm, along with huge costumes, fake blood, and masks.

We invited Arnaud’s friend, Aurélien out with us because, hey, he’s cute and he knows his way around. Originally, we heard about this bar/club that, for just 7€, we could get two free drinks, free blood-looking drinks, and a free pair of horns. Obviously that’s where we were going. We also heard that London pub was screening Rocky Horror Picture Show. Did we partake in any of these “plans”? No.

You know when you’re standing in line for so long and once you get to the front of the line, whatever you’re waiting for is no longer available? That’s what happened. And it wasn’t enough just to tell us that the club reached capacity, we had to vacate the STREET.

Anyways, we were dancing at a club at one point and the DJs on the stage yelled out in French “THIS IS FOR THE AMERICANS OVER THERE!” and played CELINE DION. First of all, Celine Dion is Canadian. Second of all, we had no idea how they knew we were American.

I hope you all had a great Halloween! Can’t wait to see what you did :)

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  • Stephanie

    Hahaha Celine Dion love it. Yep, she’s Canadian…
    But I love you photo shoot and you look great in front of the camera, don’t be crazy! All the photos are fantastic, love the costumes

    • Michelle

      It’s a sad day when Americans are known most for a Canadian pop star…
      And thank you! You’re so sweet :))