Rustic Brunch

We were feeling very American this week and scheduled a pancake brunch in my friend’s rustic kitchen.

Rustic Breakfast

Rustic Breakfast

IMG_1313 Did you know that baking soda is actually VERY HARD to find here in France? They don’t use it as much as we do in the states.



On the menu: banana pancakes.


And coffee, of course.



Topped with Nutella. Come on, we’re in France.

After this fantastic start to our day, we went our separate ways to run various errands. One of which was an apartment tour because I’m trying to move closer to campus.

Unfortunately, it’s a no-go because the landlord prefers someone who’s staying for a longer period of time. Looks like I’m stuck here, 50 minutes away from campus, for the rest of my stay.

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  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    What an amazing looking brunch- love the ‘rustic’ feel haha.

    That sucks that its a 50 minute trip to campus- is the ride there decent though? No other options?

    • Michelle

      I know! Their apartment came fully furnished and I love it!
      The ride there is OK. There’s local tram transportation so I never have to walk over 10 minutes… but at night our area gets a little shady! I’m prepared to deal with it though. People have had worse commutes!