Paleo Challenge: Week 2

If you missed the note, I’ve recently decided to do a paleo challenge! I will post the updates on Saturdays, mostly because I don’t want them to detract from my usual schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays (and sometimes Sundays). Also not many people read blogs on Saturday, which is a perfect time to do more mundane ones like these. 

I’m not even sure what week this is supposed to be, but numerically, it makes sense! 2 does come after 1! Quick update: I’ve decided to make this a loose paleo thing because I want it to be sustainable. It already seems like a good lifestyle change and ever since cutting out most sugars from my diet, I don’t think going back would be a choice, seeing how I reacted to drinking some Coke earlier today…


  • It’s been pretty good here. A few slumps here and there but nothing too radical. What it has been is mundane, though, which is probably more a result of the February slump than anything else.
  • I’ve (re)learned to slow down while eating. Chalk that up to Paleo or getting back into Supernatural. Who knows?


Most of the changes this week have been physical. I’m really bad at noticing small changes or linking effects, so this may be completely useless to those looking to try it out.

  • More tired. It wasn’t until writing this recap that I realized the cause for why I was feeling so tired lately! I’ve been thinking that it’s been an issue with my sleep regulation (which it is), but also because I’m reaching the hell weeks of the Paleo challenge… right as SXSW rolls into town. My next challenge should be a how-to-plan-better challenge. I wonder if I would still hit those weeks if I cheat a small amount here or there. Any input on that?
  • Unsure of how beneficial this is to weight regulation. So far, I’ve been going with “everything I’m eating is unprocessed so I can have as much as I want!!”
  • I’m also not as hungry as I used to be. Sure I would get moderately hungry when the appropriate meal times roll around, but once I ate a salad for lunch and didn’t feel the need to eat dinner until 9PM. For me, this is a HUGE change.
  • Once, I drank some coconut water and a few sips of Coke and went NUTS. It was more artificial sugar than I’ve had in a while and it felt HORRIBLE. I basically just waited for the crash to come while feeling simultaneously nauseous, a headache, and jittery at the same time.

Yo, yo, pho-tos!

None because they all look the same. Meat, side of veggies, a paleo form of something that resembles what I used to have before I did this to myself.

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  • Kerri

    Doesn’t sound like it’s going too badly though! Although, no photos makes for a pretty rubbish photo challenge.

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      Hah, I never said it was going to be good!

  • Jamie | Gunters Abroad | Fit F

    I have been eating ‘clean’ for awhile now and had a cupcake yesterday…I literally was shaking from the sugar!! I supplement my diet with a wellness supplement that is all natural, gf and vegan that gives me some super energy for my days!! Its seriously my life saver! If you ever want to learn more about it, check out my fitness blog…..

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      Yeah! And then when I put in large amounts of dairy I feel kind of icky! I take a wellness/overall vitamin booster while doing this too! But I’ll check it out :) Thanks, Jamie!

  • Madaline

    I have been trying to just cut out sugar or at least vastly reduce it these past few weeks! Making a lifestyle change is so difficult and I’m just hoping everything levels out!

    • Michelle @ Mishfish13

      Yeah, at first it’s really hard… but afterwards I just felt so much better that I really didn’t want to go back! Unfortunately, SXSW and their free drinks and all…

      I’m going to have to start all over haha