Labor Day Shenanigans

Labor Day weekend, for me, started Thursday afternoon. I headed back to my college town and when I arrived, I was surprised how much I missed it. Since I was trying to practice with traveling light, I didn’t bring my camera nor did I take many pictures.

Instead of being a good blogger I was…

working my ass off working the Friday and FOOTBALL SATURDAY double. I was so exhausted. But it paid off! When I wasn’t sweating my face off at work…

I was with friends


and making the ceremonial fountain walk as a graduate.

And food. Lots of food, of course.

And then on Monday, I helped my baby brother ask his just-about girlfriend out for Homecoming. Easily the most momentous part of the weekend.


One question: how is his handwriting STILL so bad as a high school senior??

It was a simple two-stop scavenger hunt. Their homecoming theme was superheroes so, of course…


(I drew that)

The scavenger hunt ended at the house where he would wait, wearing a Batman shirt.

IMG_0332 - Version 2

But when we went to drop off the first clue and her Superman shirt at her house… he got caught. Oops.


But it all worked out. I think this photo is precious, but Arman chooses to make fun of my stalker tendencies. Although I will admit that many of these photos were taken while hiding. Undercover.

IMG_0371 - Version 3

Funnily, she didn’t know she had to provide an answer. Kevin, my brother, stood there for a whole minute before asking nervously, “so… is that a yes?”

And then we celebrated with more food. Made by yours truly.


How was your Labor Day? Hope you all had a nice break from the grind! 

XO Michelle, freaking out about tomorrow. 

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  • Stephanie

    What a fun weekend.
    The scavenger hunt is cute!

    • Michelle

      Thanks :) she thought so too!

  • Amanda Bumgarner

    Ha! Yes, his handwriting is pretty bad. Also… yay for food! I don’t think you can have a proper labor day without food :)

    • Michelle

      Any US holiday means the diet is completely shot. Not that I’m complaining…

  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Hahahaha. That was such a humorous picture- if you didn’t know the backstory to it!

    Liking the new layout of the blog! You better be blogging away when overseas!

    • Michelle

      Of course I’m going to! What’s the point of having a blog if people can’t stalk me abroad? Keep in touch, man :)

  • Allison

    That is so cute! No one ever asked me out like that.. I love the new layout!

    • Michelle

      I know, me neither.
      Thanks! Still working out the kinks :)