It smells like summer

During the last few days in which I still had friends because they’re all leaving me here while they have grand adventures in exotic internships or at their hometown… a good friend and I went to explore the actual town part of our college town.



I never knew this until sophomore year—mainly because freshman year I was so busy getting used to campus itself—but there are so many nooks in the city, coming soon.


Main Street area

Of course, our exploration was not without food. There’s this cute place way down this one street, past the classy Main Street restaurants called Mark’s Carts. In a little alcove is just 6-8 specialty food carts. A cheese cart, a BBQ cart, Asian, Indian, Stone Oven pizza…



We split two little entrees and it was amazing. I “jokingly” said to her that we should get something from all the carts (you know, in the way where the level of kidding is dependent on how they react to it) but she didn’t have any of that.

BBQ pulled pork sandwich. Ah-mazing.



This one’s an Indian street dish called chaat. I’m not really sure how to describe it, but it was some curry with little crunchy cracker surprises in it! Covered in some yogurt and more crunchy cracker things.

We were really looking forward to trying the Indian cart because, according to her, this is what you get as street food in India.  DSCN4404

I was also craving some mango lassi :)

Even though it was 70 degrees out, I still wore the leather jacket because… embarrassingly, on the way to my friend’s house, I developed a lake of sweat stain on my dress.

This Saturday was the 2013 graduation so Ann Arbor isn’t totally empty yet and I still have a few friends here and there. I said before how I was looking forward to spending the summer here, but as all these things come to an end, I’m not sure how I feel. But I’ll talk more about that later.

Finals are finally over so I’m back! Expect regular posts again haha ;)

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