How my eating habits have changed

Ever since stepping off the plane at the Lyon airport, I’ve eaten everything I wanted. A long baguette a day, a huge sandwich, pain au chocolat, and all the cheese I’ve dreamed of.I was worried that what I’ve eaten has made me into shapeless blob by now, but instead of gaining weight, I think I’ve lost some!

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I’ve only been in Grenoble for two weeks and I’ve already noticed a change in my eating habits.

One: I never snack anymore. It’s because my lunches are SO LARGE that by the time I’m hungry again, it’s perfectly dinner time! Not large enough to give me that post-buffet, let-me-crawl-in-a-vacuum-that-sucks-out-the-food feeling, but large enough to satisfy—with room for dessert, of course. Here, I noticed that very few people snack as well, preferring to finish mostly everything on their plate during meal times.

Two: I only eat enough so I don’t feel hungry. Like I said, large enough to satisfy but still room for dessert if we feel like it. It’s a very nice balance. I remember sometimes back at home, there’d be WEEKS where I would forget what it’s like to be hungry because we’d be eating out and celebrating so much and TO THE BRIM.

a meal for four. and some nectarines.

Three: The pace of my meals has slowed down. I was having a conversation with my friend about this the other day. Before, we’d get eating out of the way quickly and without feeling how full we are or even TASTING the food. We came to the conclusion that here, we’ve been eating more purposefully, planning out what to eat and enjoying it slowly when we do. There’s nothing mindless about the food here.

Four: I usually go to the grocery store daily (convenient because I pass through anyways on my way home from the tram stop) to by just enough food for that day. Unless it’s a whole rotisserie chicken, that is. Or a bulk buy of croissants or fruit. Having very little food lying around at home is helping me understand how much I usually need for dinner and prevents me from the residual American habit of snacking.

And then… there are days like today, where I ate everything in sight.

Regrets? None.

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  • Amanda Bumgarner

    I love #2. That’s what I try to do. So many people stuff themselves and then feel sick. That’s no fun at all!

    • Michelle

      I know! I’m guilty of this occasionally during holidays, etc, but it always makes me feel gross!

  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    This is so true- that is why they say the French don’t diet, eat what they want and never get fat. They epitomise intuitive eating in my opinion!

    • Michelle

      Yup! I’m hoping out of all things, I’ll take this (and the ability to enjoy life) back home with me to the States :)