First Birthday in France

Last Saturday, we celebrated the first birthday in France: Sammy’s. We started with pre-drinks at her place. Which escalated.. rather quickly.


Before all the makeup decided to abandon me.



After a few of these (martini + citrus schwepps), we were all raring to go.

IMG_1245 Things got a little risqué. Sammy has this book with dirty French phrases. We all took turns reading this in front of her French boyfriend who spent most of his time with his head in his arms. Pictured above.


Poor Sammy’s boyfriend.



Apparently I couldn’t handle all the excitement because I cut my hand. On the wine glass that I shattered.


It bled like a pig. Hypochondriac me was freaking out that it was cut to the bone, but it turns out to be a wide surface cut.


The night continued but the photo-taking didn’t. I apologize, but since I was breaking glasses left and right, I didn’t want to risk the same with my lens.

We went on to Quai 10, one of the best dance clubs in Grenoble, and danced until 3 AM, ending the night with some kebabs, pizza, and some much-needed sleep.

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  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Can you guys please come to Australia? I reckon we’d have a (drunken) blast out!

    • Michelle

      YES. Actually, we’ve all made this pact to reunite every 3 or 4 years and our first destination is Australia! ;) When I head over, we have to meet up some time.