Thanksgiving in July

Although not in July, this year’s Thanksgiving felt just as removed. We celebrated exactly a week and a day after although the timing of it all was still a little shaky. You see, the night before, we went out to celebrate Madison’s birthday. The fact that we were all able to eat so much this night should impress you.

I was in charge of making the pumpkin pie, gravy, and turkey. If you ask me—and the empty bowl of gravy—I think I did pretty well.

IMG_3929 IMG_3923 IMG_3921 IMG_3930

I never knew how much condensed milk goes into pumpkin pie!

It’s funny because before, I was a very anal cook. Not really, but I had a lot of measurement devices—spoons, cups, gallons. All of that. I was equipped like Rachel Ray. But here, I have no desire to drop gold on cooking utensils that I’m not going to bring back home to the states although my friends do make fun of me for splurging twice on a ceramic knife. Hey, a good knife is the key to efficient cooking! So, everything I made that day was completely to taste and it turned out fantastically! Cooking to taste is definitely something everyone needs to do from now on—not only is it extremely customized to your palette, but it puts the soul back into cooking.


Probably the juiciest turkey I’ve ever eaten. Because I cooked it in a broth.


Literally. The best gravy I’ve ever eaten. The recipe can be found here.

In addition to completely BS-ing the measurements, Anna pureed the pumpkin herself, making it a very distinctive consistency. I basically spent that entire day in the residence kitchen, talking and meeting more people. As we finished up our three dishes, we headed over to eat. At 10 PM.

IMG_3932 IMG_3934

The others made stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and green beans.

IMG_3935 IMG_3936 IMG_3937 IMG_3938 IMG_3939 IMG_3941 IMG_3942 IMG_3943 IMG_3946 IMG_3947 IMG_3948 IMG_3949 IMG_3951 IMG_3952

It was only after stuffing ourselves with… stuffing that I noticed Sammy had decorated the entire apartment with festive Christmas decorations.

IMG_3958 IMG_3961 IMG_3963 Christmas is coming… in two days! 

Tomorrow, I’m headed off to Berlin to see me some Christmas markets. First foot in Germany! :)


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  • Anna

    Awww this looks so lovely. Happy late thanksgiving and early Christmas x

    • Mishfish13

      Thanks Anna! You too :)

  • Lkpopo

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and
    Have a nice trip to Berlin.
    Love you.

    • Mishfish13

      Thank you! Love you too :)

  • LifeChangesii

    Looks good! I didn’t have much of a thanksgiving this year. I guess thanksgiving can be any day of the year right!!

    • Mishfish13

      Thanks! It’s the spirit that counts… right? hahaha

  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Hahahahaha love it- 10 pm dining time- You still had some Spanish left in you! Can’t wait to read the Berlin recap now- I was there during Christmas in 2009!!!

    • Mishfish13

      Ahhh! What did you do in Berlin in 2009?? ANd how long were you there? Oh man, I feel like I have to start writing now. I’m going to forget everything! There’s too much going on!