Birthday raclette

Last Saturday, we celebrated Anna’s birthday; although her actual birthday is sometime in July, we wanted to be able to celebrate everyone’s birthday during this semester. This time, we wanted to try something called a raclette: both a type of cheese and the type of dish the French eat by scraping off the melted cheese in a machine. Confused? I was too, but hopefully these pictures will help.

IMG_3309 Wait, not this one.

raclette machine with lid close up of raclette machine

Using the individual black tins, you put your slice of cheese on it and whatever vegetable you want. Then, you sit back and wait until it melts. Some of us had more than one tin because they were greedy pigs.

mushrooms red and green bell peppers on a plate assortment of white cheese

pile of potatoes in a clear bowl

After the cheese melts, you use a wooden spatula to scrape it off onto some cut up, cooked potatoes.

“Cheesy potatoes?! Why didn’t you just say so?? I’m so down for this.” 

metled cheese and vegetables in a raclette tin plate of meats cheese potatoes and vegetables IMG_3333

Oh man, look at that cheesy goodness. You then take some cheesy potato, a vegetable, some meat, and top it off with a pickle! I managed to snap a photo of the perfect bite—I swear there’s vegetable in there.

cheese potatoes meat and pickle on a fork

Raclette is such a French thing; the time in between while you’re waiting desperately for your cheese to melt is the perfect time for others to pry into your business. I mean, socialize. And, like everything French, it takes a really long time. Equal parts talking and equal parts eating.


I need to invest in one of these although chances are, I will rebel by eating raclette antisocially. Doesn’t matter though—more tins for me, which means less waiting for the cheese to melt!

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  • Dannielle @ Chicadeedee

    I first had Raclette in Switzerland, and melty cheese goodness is incredible at any time. I haven’t heard of this vegetable cheesy combination but it sounds even better!

    • Mishfish13

      Same. If you ever need to plot my murder, just mention cheesy-covered goodness and I’ll lead myself to my death :p