You can’t escape the awkward.

As I struggled futilely with a lock into the glorious building that contains LAUNDRY, A GYM, and the CAFETERIA, I thought about how I’m always trying to avoid the inevitable: looking awkward, rocking a dumb face while learning new things.

When I don’t know ANYTHING about something, it shows on my face. I’m very good at rocking a deer-in-headlights thing. Or a one that pegs me at an IQ level of about 200 below what it actually is.

And I try SO HARD to avoid this. So, I approach things kind of like the way I did to get into this building. Because I like being prepared.

When I moved in, the lady at the reception desk told me that the magnetic key was for getting into my dorm building and room, and this other funky key with holes punched on the sides was for entering a bâtiment. Which means building. Like you, I was confused. But I caught on that she meant THE building. Where I could do laundry. I also read online that there was a gym in there. SWEET. That would be AMAZING since it’s right across from my dorm building!

So, I trudged down, saying bonjour to people I pass because that’s how you do things, and I tiptoed up to the front door. FROM THE MINUTE I started this venture, a clock started ticking. What is that clock timing? The amount of time I can spend struggling with something before looking completely inept and permanently rocking StruggleFace. Also known as the amount of time before your private struggle turns public.

And time was quickly running out. I inserted the key, and turned. Nothing. Turned the other way. Nothing. Flipped the key over and turned both ways. Nothing. I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE, GYM. I SAW DUMBBELLS IN THE BASEMENT. YOU WILL NOT DENY ME MY EXERCISE.

It was inevitable. I just couldn’t get into this building.

I should just start accepting the inevitable and rock my best StruggleFace. I’ll keep you posted on this SUPER interesting event.

Stay tuned: will Michelle eventually get to do laundry and work out?! 

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  • Stephanie

    Haha! I’ve turned my struggle face into a dumb blonde with puppy dog eyes face. Then everyone wants to help you. Sometimes I put that face on when I just don’t want to do something myself…

    • Michelle

      You obviously know what you’re doing! I’ll try it out and when it bombs horrifically, I can tell you about it :p

  • Arman @ thebigmansworld

    You can do it! hahaha

    • Michelle

      Hahaha, thanks :)