Why screaming at grocery stores can be a good thing.

I go to the grocery store way to often. But I think it’s a result of being conditioned to do so.

It’s kind of like potty-training. As a kid, I was always deathly afraid of not having access to a toilet. Because I’d get into too many situations where there were no toilets anywhere. So whenever there was one, I’d go. And that’s the story of the smallest bladder on earth developed. Seriously, like every hour.

Likewise, I feel like I’m always on the verge of running out of groceries. So, whenever anyone’s going, I force myself onto them.

Did I hear someone say grocery shopping?
Did I hear someone say grocery shopping?

It’s like I’m a grocery whore.

Anyways, we were executing an aisle-by-aisle tactic and I turned and saw this ENORMOUS shelf of mini carrot cake twinkie-like things.

Me: OH MY GOD CARROT CAKE! (I literally screamed this. It was a Friday afternoon with about 100 people in the store).

This LADY pops out of NOWHERE.

Her: ……. do you want a free sample?

She carefully grabs this casual bowl, moving it away from me. If I was her, I would’ve been hesitant too about offering me carrot cake for fear of having my hand bitten off. Her boss probably sent her over to watch me because he knew that if I spotted the bowl just chilling there, I would’ve taken the whole thing.

No worries though, I went back for more when she left.

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  • http://www.afewfrenchfriesshortofahappymeal.com Stephanie Iris

    I really should start screaming at grocery stores.

    • Michelle

      If it goes badly, you didn’t get the idea from here…. :p