When Studying Abroad is Embarrassing

Every day for language class, we have to complete a number of workbook exercises largely determined based on the level of sadism the professor is ffeeling on a given day. Yesterday, it pretty much topped the charts.

After crawling through about 6 exercises, I came upon this one:


“Using relative pronouns, describe this object.” 

In addition to assigning a billion exercises, my professor thinks it’s funny to cold call people for responses. Guess who got to answer this one in front of the entire class? This chick.

Ok, I can do this. “This object is something in which my feet are always warm. On top of which is a device that controls the temperature. With which I get lots of compliments from other people.” 

I looked up to a hoard of confused faces. The professor starts speaking tentatively, like she’s going to hurt my feelings. I sigh inwardly. I know, I know. My French is horrible, as always. 

“So… you thought this device was for warming your feet? That’s interesting. I was thinking more in the direction of it charging your phone as you walk.”

Others in the class nod in agreement.

I look back at the picture to what is now clearly a cell phone attached to the boots. Oh.

Oh, so it wasn’t my French. I’m just the class freak.

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  • http://www.notentirelyperfect.com Stephanie

    Hahaha!! Ok but in your defense, everyone got that it was a cell phone?! I wouldn’t have!

    • Michelle

      Right?? I’m guessing they cheated and peaked in the back of the book.

  • Annie

    Hahaha! You probably dream of new boots but instead you made up a device to warm your cold feet!!! Time to purchase that boots!!!

    • Michelle

      I already bought new boots… but not the one that I originally wanted! Hopefully these will tide me over for a while :)

  • Bollingbrook

    That’s Michelle.
    All I can say is “hahahahaha”………….

    • Michelle

      haha :D