What is this, a bathroom for ANTS?!

But really, look at this.

Used Britt‘s way of cloudying her photos. I know, I know. Not usually for bathroom pics, but I just had to try!

Look at it. The shower is basically on top of the toilet. I could take a shower ON the toilet if I wanted to. I can clean the toilet WITH THE SHOWER if I wanted to.

It kind of makes me uncomfortable, mixing the dirty with the clean.

And you know how you have a shower routine? Don’t lie to me because I know you do. Well, MY old shower routine cannot WORK in this bathroom. I have to step outside to complete my shower routine of drying my hair.

And every time I step outside, I risk being seen naked by the people outside. I would close the curtains, if it didn’t take 5 hours to do, I’d like to get more simple ones like the ones at https://linenshed.com/products/linen-curtain-panel-with-blackout-lining. It’s one of those twist ones, where you twist the handle clockwise as the screen comes slowly down.

But at the same time, I’m amazed at how efficient the rooms are built. My bed? I can pull it down when I need it and push it back up when I don’t. The stairs I take to get into bed? DRAWERS. In fact, SO MANY DRAWERS.

It kinda feels like I’m living in a space capsule. Especially the bathroom.

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  • http://www.notentirelyperfect.com Stephanie

    omg! It’s like the tiny bathrooms in your room on cruise ships. Crazy!

    • Michelle

      I know! My bathroom at home is now a mansion. Four months in this little thing?!

  • http://www.thebigmansworld.com Arman @ thebigmansworld

    THAT is the downside of European living- the tiny bathrooms or when your out, paying for bathrooms!

    • Michelle

      I have the bladder the size of an ant… ‘s bladder. It’s so bad.