What I Wish I Brought to Bonnaroo

I thought I was so prepared. I scoured the internet a few days before packing and made a list and everything on my iPhone!

Not exactly sure what “Sunscreeq” is but I didn’t bring it.

What I did bring including to the above partial list was:

  • umbrella (saved me from heat stroke the first day)
  • rain boots (unnecessary. However, in different camps, totally necessary)
  • gold bond powder (surprisingly, I didn’t chafe this year!)
  • bandana (unnecessary, Bonnaroo gave one out)
  • earplugs (so necessary. Falling asleep before 4 is almost impossible without this)
  • toothbrush
  • D.O.
  • camelbak backpack (also saved me)
  • wicking socks (always)
  • flip flops (only wore in camp)
  • 2 bikinis (basically all I wore the whole week)
  • sleeping pills (see “earplugs” above. same applies here. but make sure you take it 8 hours before you plan to wake up)

But alas, even with my comprehensive list, I was missing a few key things…

It’s story time.

So basically, the of us shared tent. I shared a twin-sized air mattress with my best friend. Neither of us brought a sleeping bag because, dude, it’s Tennessee in mid-June! The closest thing I brought to a sleeping bag was a fleece throw. And that was basically for emergencies. I didn’t even unpack it the first night because I almost died of heatstroke that day!

We made a horrible mistake (Arrested Development anyone?).

Yes, the first day was the hottest, so we had little to no trouble that night. However, from then on, the temperature continued dropping. And at night, it would reach maybe 50 degrees… until one night, I woke up completely frozen and shivering like no other.

My best friend clearly had trouble falling back asleep as well because I woke her up with my shivers.

I tried everything I could in the dark and half asleep, although I was quickly waking up from the cold. I unwrapped both my used towels with hopes that it would provide us more insulation. Nope.

Finally, after trying everything, we both turned to each other at the same time.

“Is it cuddle time?” she whispered. Without even waiting for either of us to OK it, we dove into each other’s arms. Face to face style. Her head was in the crook of my arm. My hand was around her waist and sometimes cradling her head.

At one point, her legs were between my legs.

(c) gotsole.wordpress.com
(c) gotsole.wordpress.com

“Hold me, I’m cold.” “Oh thank god.”

This was way more intimate than spooning. But it was life and death! Good thing we were already close to begin with.

The weather was such an issue in sleep cycle in Tennessee because as soon as we’d cuddle and get warm enough to fall back asleep, an hour later, we’d be woken up by the blistering sun.

What I should/should not have brought: 

  • sleeping bag. sleeping bag. sleeping bag. 
  • cooler/ice (but this was unavoidable because we all flew)
  • any clothes other than bikinis. Let’s get real, I didn’t wear any of them.
  • solar phone charger (the battery shortage is almost criminal there)
  • shower wipes (luckily a friend had these)
  • Did I mention sleeping bag?

I promise to stop talking about Bonnaroo soon. But so much happened that I want to share with you all!

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  • http://www.livinginanotherlanguage.com Amanda @ Living in Another Language

    Hahaha! We always learn from our mistakes! I’m the WORST when it comes to packing. Especially for overnight things. My husband always brings what he needs and more…yet I pack the most and end up with nothing to wear. It’s terrible!
    As far as the cuddling goes…hey. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

    Thanks for linking up with us for ‘Friday Funnies!’

    -Amanda | Living in Another Language

    • Michelle

      Haha that always happens to me!
      Agreed, I wouldn’t have changed anything.

  • http://www.theladyokieblog.com Amanda Bumgarner

    I always forget at least one thing. Last time I went on a trip, I left my contacts at home! My husband overnighted them to me. Cost $20! Boo.

    • Michelle

      Oh no! that’s one of the WORST things to forget! it’s always better if i start packing like a week ahead but i’m too lazy

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