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4th of July just fell on such a wacky time of month for me… if you know what I mean. 

And you see, when it’s my time, I eat like a monster. About a week before and through the entire week of.


Looking at that picture right now is bad news.

That basically means I’m dieting for half the month and then binging the other half. How have I not died of heart disease yet, I am not sure.

So, like all the other times, I binged a few days before the 4th. Then, on the 4th, BAM, hello there visitor! I have yet to see if I’ve stopped binging yet.


This is what goes through my mind on a daily basis:

Hamburger. Mac n Cheese. MMMM when was the last time I had Mac n Cheese?? MILKSHAKES. OREO MILKSHAKES. Ice cream. Oreo ice cream?? Clif bar. I really should work out. Quesadillas. RIBS.

Do you see how the one healthy message in there gets lost?

This is how bad it’s gotten: I biked through A THUNDERSTORM today because I convinced myself that I needed groceries. I didn’t bike there because I needed that half-gallon of Oreo ice cream that’s been on my mind. Nope.

I mean, I bought fruit. That’s healthy.

How do you get yourself off a binge? My waistline may be depending on your answer.

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  • http://www.bourbonandglitter.com Stephanie

    HAHA That is my thought process exactly!! I do the same thing, the binging half the month. Legit ordered food last night just so they’d deliver me a milkshake. The cheese fries didn’t hurt either…

    • Michelle

      I’ve come so close to doing that MULTIPLE times. Winning $10 on GrubHub really isn’t helping my self control…