Review: Wreck-It Ralph

In a sentence: Not as good as “Rise of the Guardians,” it was clear from the jokes that the target audience was obviously for those around the age of 5, and it got really slow in the middle.

This is one of those movies where the trailer didn’t exactly provide the right impression of the movie. Maybe it was just me, but from the trailer, I thought that Ralph would be joining some sort of hero competition to prove his worth. Instead, the majority of the movie takes place in a 3-year-old’s fantasyland, and with Ralph completing menial, meaningless tasks.

It started off promising, the characters animated specifically in a way that reminded you of arcade games. The plot was all lined up to be something really good. But the characters themselves were extremely lackluster. Wreck-It Ralph had so much potential complexity, however when paired up with that child you thought was a passing character in the previews, this potential evaporates.

The child was annoying and the drama oversimplified. I found myself wondering during the movie why I paid to see this mediocre movie. Even the children quieted down in the slow middle.

What was the real killer, however, was the way the movie was scripted: as if it was only for children. Many kids movies now, like Shrek and Rise of the Guardians, are targeted towards children; however, they offered multiple layers of humor that could also entertain adults. Wreck-It Ralph offered none of these. I felt like a parent who was dragged to the movies by my child and forced to sit through a dull, uninteresting hour and a half of a time suck. But worse. Because the child in this scenario is me. It was my inner child that imposed this kind of punishment on me!

So, if you’re looking for a movie to satisfy your childhood throwback, to appease your inner child, I wouldn’t suggest Wreck-It Ralph. Unless you’re trying to entertain your inner toddler. Instead, I’d direct you to the better movie, Rise of the Guardians. I guarantee you a better time and more laughs.

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