Quick Update!

I’m tan! From the high-60s of North Carolina, I wrestled a tan. High on my list of priorities? No.

About my protein deficiency, or my lack of energy to work out: it’s all good people! The day after I had my first protein shake (about a rounded tablespoon of Vanilla Whey Protein Powder and 8 oz of Original Soy milk), I had an almost regular workout. My fatigue didn’t kick in until after 20 minutes of baseline running, which is good since my usual right now is 25.

The third day of replenishing after working out, running was back to being easy again.

It has earned a spot on my dresser.
It has earned a spot on my dresser.


The minute I got back, I prepared one of my go-to meals, Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup! Super easy and all you have to do is let it sit there and cook. All my housemates could smell me cooking it—smelled so good.

Unfortunately since the cord is so short, the only place I can cook it is right beside my bed. So my sheets smell like I washed them in Chicken Noodle Detergent. Like I don’t dream of food enough.



It might be the winter talking, but I can’t get enough of Chicken Noodle Soup. All I need now are those noodles from Sweet Tomatoes. They’re so doughy and chunky.

One last thing: I got a new camera. I will now be posting pictures taken by my DSLR. Goodbye janky iPhone pictures. I’m so excited. It was a gift from my grandpa after I visited him in North Carolina. No one will ever take their place as my most loved people in my life.


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