People You Meet at a (All-Ages) Concert

Imagine Dragons at House of Blues Chicago
Imagine Dragons at House of Blues Chicago


Monday night, I went to the House of Blues in Chicago to see Imagine Dragons on their Night Visions Tour.

Brief review: They. Are. Amazing. This is one of those bands that puts their heart and soul into their music. This was especially amazing last night, since Dan (the lead singer) told the crowd yesterday that his friend died on Sunday.

I thought it wasn’t possible, but I fell in love with the band even more. Firstly, Dan openly weeped at how much love they receive as a band and how they would try to match that with their performance even through all the pain they were experiencing. They kept thanking us for support ing them. No, Dan, thank you. 

His voice? Amazing. The set? Basically their whole album. The stage? Even more amazing. It was like a light show and a concert at the same time. Their energy? Off. The. Walls. You can so tell they LOVE doing what they do. They’re not in it for the money.

Unfortunately, since Imagine Dragons is a super kid-friendly band—even their songs have no swears—there were a lot of kids there. Now, I know I just turned 21, but I already feel it, guys. Being surrounded by high schoolers was so bizarre, especially right after coming home from college.

So, what’s even worse than a list of people you’ll see at a concert?



A list of people you’ll see at an underage concert. 

The couple. 

These people aren’t fooling around, underage or adults. They’re determined to show everyone that they’re a couple and no one will ever penetrate their bubble. If you even look in their direction, they will simultaneously glare at you for intruding their privacy during the only time when being in contact with people on all sides is normal. Spending the entire night embracing, usually in the boy-hugging-girl-from-behind position, nothing will force them to move. Not even, say, a stage rush. They will move as a unit or they will not move at all, damnit!

The giggling girl group 

Whether in twos or tens this group of chicks are diehard fans of the high-pitched screaming voices. When they get really excited, they will scream shrilly into your ear. During this time, you will highly question your sanity of subjecting yourself to this unique torture. Also you will not be able to see during this scream, holy shit is she a singer because I swear it’s been going on for ten minutes.

This group is also guilty of befriending random groups of bros that love the girl attention. Together, they will form the Ultimate Group That Everyone Hates. At a certain point of the concert the guys, to prove their strength, will hoist the girls onto their shoulders to form a human ten-foot wall that blocks everyone’s view.

Watch out below.

The bros 

Basically the same as above but with deep voices. Usually seen in bro tshirt cutouts even though it’s freakin’ 20 degrees outside, are you guys serious? Some of them sport super-gelled hair and, no matter if they’re 21+ or not, they’re down to help out the GGG (above) and flirt.

The Girls’ Night Out 

These chicks don’t care they’re one of the only ones with the capability to buy alcohol. They’re usually damn proud of it. Like me, barely out of college, they’re determined no to let the GGGs upstage them by yelling just as loud or even louder albeit in lower-pitched voices.

Armed with double fists of whatever gets them drunkest, they encroach upon the Couple Bubble too often. The repeated trivia presented by LiveNation is done over and over and over.

The Single

This person (he or she) came by themselves and they don’t give two fucks. They’re highly passionate about the band and they want absolutely no distractions. However, don’t get them wrong, they’re highly friendly people that welcome any interaction with the crowd. Some just don’t want to be that person that latches onto a group and never lets go.

The Lurkers That Don’t Give a Fuck 

These people either aren’t into the moshpit concert vibe anymore or they just really like their personal space. They hang around the edges of the general floor, standing against the rails, watching the passionate ones jump and dance around. Usually heavily-frequenting the bar, this prime location makes it easier for them to extricate themselves and get right back to the spot that no one else wants.

The Kid That Takes Way Too Many Pictures

What’s that in your face for the entire concert? Someone else’s phone. That’s right, the kid in front of you, unfortunately, is this person. Is he/she even hearing/watching the performance? You bet your sweet ass they are. Just through the overly-filtered screen of their iPhone on Instagram. The entire time. What’s the point of going to a concert if you can see the same thing through YouTube and other Instagram accounts?

Anyways, if you haven’t heard Imagine Dragons, DO IT. It’s one of the best concert experiences I’ve had. If you haven’t been to a concert, DO IT. It’s one of the best experiences ever. And don’t be afraid to dance, dude. You’re there to make a fool out of yourself, not to look pretty in case someone else’s iPhone happens to catch you on the edges of their Instagram photo.

Dance your heart out.

What’s been your favorite concert so far? Who do you hope to see in the near future? 

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