Parent jokes.

Can I tell you something that’s been worrying me lately?

Recently, a friend called out a joke I made as a “parent joke.”

“That was a strange… it was something a parent would say. I mean, it was funny, but weird.” That’s what she said to me. To my face. And I was a little insulted for some reason! I didn’t know why, but for someone like me, that little comment was more insulting than calling me fat.

Fat, I can change. But humor? Can I change humor?

Parent jokes are not cool. Parent jokes are corny. Am I growing out of the ability to make a cool, young, hip joke?!

What if I start not being able to make any cool jokes anymore? What if all that comes out of my mouth are parent jokes. No one likes inviting a parent to the party. It sucks. I suck.

What even makes something a parent joke? It’s boringness?

Is it too punny? Not like a clever pun, but like… an average Joe pun?


So I went online to look for some examples or a possible definition. What I found was this:

What is Forrest Gump’s Facebook password? 1Forrest1

Followed closely by a Reddit page that asked “What’s a joke that’s so stupid it’s funny?”

And then I knew why I was so insulted by her factual, observational comment.

Parent jokes are so stupid they’re funny. 

I don’t want to be in the category of people who get laughs from insanely stupid jokes! I want to be the person that tells great, short, witty jokes! I want to earn that laugh with my brain.

There’s nothing worse than being a parent without a kid. I’m not saying that I want kids. But I don’t want to act like someone who does. What’s happening to me?

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  • Stephanie

    Eh. My favorite joke is why are Tigger’s paws always dirty? Because he’s always playing with Pooh. Parent joke. In fact my dad tells it to his 5 year old patients. Still funny. I’m sure you’re still funny too!

    • Michelle

      HAHAHA I’ve never heard that one before but it had me going for a few minutes!

  • Amanda Bumgarner

    Ha! I make stupid jokes all the time. Embrace it! It means we’re awesome :)

    • Michelle

      I like to think so ;) as long as we own it hahaha