I’m in North Carolina!

I’ve arrived in a small town in North Carolina, where my grandparents live! You can all release that breath you were holding because despite the huge snowstorm that hit, I made it out.

This is how small the town is:

This town's version of baggage claim.
This town’s version of baggage claim.

I’m lucky there was even an airport.

But hey, the people here aren’t bad. They’re all very friendly. My people!

You know that fatigue that you get and you’re unsure of whether it’s because there’s absolutely nothing to do or because it’s the first rest you’ve had in a long time (or so you tell yourself)?

That’s me right now.

And it’s not like you can really do anything productive. You just spend an entire, say, 4 hours just sitting there, half asleep. Waiting to fall asleep.

If you do, congratulations! That validates your entire wasted afternoon.

Didn’t happen.

In other news, last night I thought someone was trying to break into my room. Or the police in the wall behind the laundry machines trying to get in for some reason.

My grandparents told me that’s just the part of the laundry machine sticking outside the house flapping in the wind.

Oh. Ok. No further questions, your honor.

Also, old people as your housemates? Awesome. They fall asleep quickly and take loong nap times during the day.

Ready to finally #rage on #SpringBreak2013. Kickin’ it old school. Bring it on.

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