Here’s a little note

I tried 40 times to start a new blog post but every time I got to an adequate length, it got super serious and somber. So this is just going to be a shitty little note.

So I read recently in a David Sedaris book, because I was under the impression that I could afford to go see his $25 talk at the Longhorn center on the UT campus, that he carried around a Moleskine with him at all times to jot down whatever he notices that day.

I thought it was a genius idea and one I’d successfully implemented when trying to write personal statements that I wanted to start back up again in hopes it would revive the sad state of this blog. But instead of Moleskine, I was going to carry around a generic small notepad you’d find in any grocery store. Just call me a cheap version of David Sedaris where the similarities end in us carrying around small notebooks.

After a few days, I realized that I was insanely bad at writing down things that would help at all. It was just a bullet-point list of what had happened that day.

Here’s an example:

  • Dressed up like cast of Bob’s Burgers for Halloween!!!!!
  • Worked at festival, potentially got fired? We’ll see.
  • Bonfire

I’m pretty sure I’m young enough to not need a journal in such a literal sense. And if I ever forgot what I was for Halloween, it’s because I now know that outside of a college atmosphere, I really couldn’t care less. Unless I was a member of a Bob’s Burgers ensemble, which apparently rates 5 exclamation points. Maybe I was just excited that I wasn’t the guy who showed up with no costume. Yes! Congratulate myself on beating that one guy in creativity while ignoring the Gandalf and Professor Trelawney costumes that redefined Halloween.

So now I’m starting over, this time maybe noting down the stream of high-larious thoughts that run through my head all day and that only I am capable of making because no one else in the world is as funny as I am (sarcasm). This means it’s unfortunate for you guys, my readers, because it will inevitably result in a lot more shitty notes like this.

P.S. I’m writing these little no-photo things because my photos are on a hard drive that I had access to easily until the drive decided to get all complicated and require a certain angle and pressure of cord connection. I’m writing these shitty things because apparently I can’t write non-photo ones without being a) depressing (which no one really wants to read) and pensive or b) rambling and potentially crazy. Enjoy.

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  • Elle

    Haha. Sometimes I try carrying a little notebook in my purse, but whenever I have a thought, I don’t feel like writing it. I’m always like “oh, that’s interesting, I’ll definitely remember it.” Never do. Oh, well. Also, rambling and potentially crazy sounds intriguing!

    • Mishfish13

      It always happens to me when driving!! I’m like, this is important enough for me not to forget…. but by the time I’m at home, I can’t even trace how I got to that thought to being with.

      And haha :p from one rambler to another!

  • Anna

    Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit of crazy. I get my best inspiration when I’m lying in bed and there’s a cat and a husband all tangled up with me. And I can’t just wake them up to write it all down so I try and remember it. Never happens.

    • Mishfish13

      Anna! Long time no see! How have you been lately outside of the blogging world? Haha mine ALWAYS when stuck in traffic… I think my mind just goes insane with how much I hate being in traffic :p

      • Anna

        I know! I got a bit overwhelmed by my bloglovin feed and jobs and moving around. It’s all under control again … for now! I think I saw you doing NaNoWriMo (it’s saved on my comp as NoNoNoNo…) That’s awesome! I’m going for it again this year too.

        • Mishfish13

          Hahah YES, that one little tweet that I hoped no one would see so I wouldn’t be held accountable? You saw it. NoNoNoNo HAHAHAHAH. So appropriate. I’m already so behind though :(