BRB, cleaning up a year’s worth of CRAP in my tiny-ass apartment. Oy.

Right now, I’m trying to imagine all the things that I have and I’m telling myself that there’s not that much. But in my experience, I will most definitely be surprised at how much crap fit into my tiny 9 x 10 room.

Every one of my 5 roommates is out of the state. Most of them have moved out but I know that there is shit in the kitchen I didn’t bring.

Oh, did I mention that I have NO boxes? None. There was no room in the apartment to store boxes.

Of course, the company that handles our lease is telling me to a) clean the entire apartment (how???) b) have my ass out of there by 12 PM. My last final ever ends at 12:30 that day.

I think it’s safe to say…

BRB in a week or so?

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