Samuel Rousseau art opening

One of my friends is an art enthusiast and somehow heard about an art gallery opening last Thursday. Having always wanted to attend one of these gatherings, we all readily agreed.

Because it was an art gallery opening in France, we didn’t dare hope that there would be the usual hoard of food for the attendees. However, the food gods had our backs. Not only was there food, there was the best types of food: macarons, the best pizza I’ve had here so far, eclairs, and mini sandwiches.


IMG_3290 IMG_3292 IMG_3296 IMG_3298 After dawdling outside a bit too much (read: eating), we realized that the gallery had already been open for the past 30 minutes. We’d been waiting for nothing! So we scurried in.

Samuel Rousseau is an artist that plays around mostly with video and digital renderings, although he isn’t confined to that medium. His other works include sculptures, photos, installations, drawings, etc.

IMG_3301 IMG_3303 IMG_3304

This piece was interesting: arabic symbols rushing out of the protruding globe in the middle of the wall.  IMG_3305 IMG_3306 IMG_3307 We didn’t stay very long because there were only four pieces and none of us really understand digital art like this. But now, I can say that I’ve been to an art opening!


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  • Lynn chu

    Nice adventure!