Help me with my next Bucket List!

As you know, I’m studying abroad in Grenoble France in the fall! To help me have the best experience possible, how about you suggest some things that should be on my bucket list?

Please remember that I am a student—student budget, student lifestyle :) I’ve been to… Venice, Rome, Bruegges, Belgium, Paris, Versailles, and the Swiss Alps (which obviously I loved so much I had to be near again). I love adventure and am an outdoorsy person!

Looking forward to seeing what you think :)

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  • Melanie Fontaine

    The south of France is so beautiful! You should definitely be hitting up Aix-en-Provence (beautiful, but kind of calm city, often reffered to as the Paris of the South, but cleaner) and Avignon (more lively and ‘hippie’), but there are so many more beautiful towns in that area of France! :) Enjoy your time there, I’m sure you’ll have a blast! I’ll be studying abroad soon, too, but in Norway. :)

    • Michelle

      I’m definitely going to come to you for more advice later! These places look amazing and you have to tell me all about your study abroad in Norway! :)

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