Happy Friday! Here are some pictures.

From a budding photographer…

These are taken on the Diag of the University of Michigan. This is one of my favorite spots on campus, more for people watching and feeling social rather than solitary life-questioning walks. The grass is always kept so soft and green—none of that nasty brown dead grass, that’s for sure! Usually there are a lot of people just sitting in the grass, performing by the bronze M, or in a hammock strung between two trees. Today, I saw a salsa group practicing right next to the parkour/gymnast/cool moves team.

Here, I usually camp out for most of the day in the shade—because I brown way too easily—and read for my classes. One of the perks of being an English major: summer homework outside is one of the most luxurious things! I swear I spend half my time thinking about good locations to camp out and read.

DSCN4430 - Version 2


As you can tell, I’m a big fan of the light source leaking in from the upper left corner…

DSCN4457 - Version 2

Now, between the next two photos, which one do you like better? And why?

DSCN4460 - Version 2

DSCN4460 - Version 3

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