About Me


Who am I?

Hey there. I’m Michelle, a 24-year-old trying to squeeze as much out of life as I can.  I thrive most in uncomfortable situations, which has led me to go on some weird online dates, becoming a U.S. tour guide, and, of course, traveling throughout the world.  To give you an idea of my mis(h)adventures: I’ve couchsurfed in Morocco, got into a Martin Garrix concert in Las Vegas for free, crashed a rental car in Santorini.

Origin Story

After taking a post-grad gap year in Grenoble, France, I started my journey as a wanderer. So far, I’ve been stalked, embarrassed, gorged, courageous; a sightseer, tourist, traveler; I’ve planned trips for myself and for others. On the right-hand sidebar, you’ll find a space for my upcoming trips! IMG_8383 I also play around with photography and occasionally make video montages to document my adventures. You’ll find these under Travel>Travel Videos. I recommend starting with A Year Abroad, my favorite one, here:

camel trek in Sahara IMG_8376

What am I doing right now? 

Right now, I’m working summers as a Tour Leader, leading groups of max 14 people across the U.S.A and traveling/working during the off-season. Yeah, sounds like the perfect job, right?

In the winters, I’m taking whatever challenge comes at me that also allows me to make summa dat dough.

highlands standing on edge of mountain I believe that travel makes me a better person, that the travel community is my community, that the people who have had experiences abroad are ones I really connect with. I firmly believe that it’s not where you go, it’s who you meet on the way. And I usually prize relationships and human connections above all else. 12006249_10153625991864704_4383052377596725958_n

Places I’ve Been To

amCharts (1) amCharts

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