‘Tis the season of blog awards! Ileana nominated me for the Liebster award icon smile L L L Liebster she’s such a sweetie over there in her nook of the internet! And she’s an English major living in NYC (I need to get myself over there!)—English majors unite!

Liebster Award L L L Liebster

Basically, the Liebster (autocorrect wanted to say Lobster. No, autocorrect. Just no.) Award is given as a way to link-up and introduce fellow bloggers who have under 200 followers! Us small fries need as many friends as possible icon smile L L L Liebster You must like the blogs that you nominate—but come on, when have I really read a blog and said to myself I really don’t like that blog? 

So, onto the questions!

1. If you could travel to three distinct places in the world this weekend, where would they be?
Teehee, I love travel questions! I would go to somewhere in South America. Since I’ll have a month to travel Europe after staying in France, I want to be able to explore a more grungier environment. One that makes me feel like a caveman. I mean, who doesn’t have those cravings, am I right?
2. What is your number one pet peeve?
People who don’t give others a chance. People who always make assumptions. Really judgmental, close-minded people piss me off. You never know where someone is coming from or what their personality is like until you really give them a chance. The most interesting people are always people I branch out of my “normal” friend group and talk to.

3. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Definitely the community. Having a place to write almost every day. My little corner of the internet, as people always say icon smile L L L Liebster
4. How did you meet your best friend?
In a hallway in high school. We briefly met at a surprise birthday party for a distant mutual friend but she thought I was mean and I thought she was frightening. After going through 4 years in the jungle of high school, we became best friends. And are still quite close. Since then, we’ve gone through 2 boyfriends, 2 different schools, 3 music festivals, 2 spring break visits, and 2 quarter-life crises. We’re not even 25 yet. It happens.
Again, look at #2. Ya never know.
5. What is your favorite memory?
Tough one! I honestly can’t think of one right now.
6. Who is your celebrity crush?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Nerdy turned hunk. You know he’s still a big nerd on the inside icon smile L L L Liebster
7. Name your top three favorite blogs to read
I love travel blogs. Any blog that inspires me and makes me laugh.
8. What is your favorite song at the moment?
This is going to be embarrassing, but it’s currently Capital Cities’s Safe and Sound. It makes me want to rave. 
9. Favorite candy?
Twizzlers. Once I ate a 2-pound bag in a week.
10. Favorite show?
Breaking Bad for plot. Holy crap how could you not love it?
How I Met Your Mother for zoning out/background shows.

My Questions: 

1. What is home for you?
2. What kind of music do you jam out to?
3. Is your room messy or neat?
4. What are you passionate about (other than blogging)?
5. What surprises people about you?
6. Favorite book?
7. What is your spirit animal?
8. Tell me your best story. I realize this is a demand and not a question. Roll with the punches.
9. Favorite outfit?
10. Favorite food?

I nominate ALL of the +/- 2 unfortunate souls that have unwittingly stumbled onto my blog today. Bwahaha. 

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